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Makeup Types for Brunettes

Makeup Tips For Brunettes

Brown hair has a lot of different shades like hazel, caramel, and nougat. Would you like to know what makeup to highlight the beauty of your brown hair? Below is our little lesson to select the color of makeup for brown-haired woman.

First Perfect Base for Brunettes

Brown hair is a lively character and it needs a harmonious selection of colors to look harmonious. Your basis would therefore be to cover your skin without having to create a mask. This is not a problem with modern makeup. Thanks to cross polymers, new makeup covers the skin gently and evenly. The base can be your sneaky weapon if your complexion is not completely perfect. Light red shade cover pale complexion; slightly yellowish shade conceals red patches on the skin. In other cases, a neutral beige tones are best for brunettes.

Second Eye Shadow for Brunettes

Brownish and grayish shadows look very nice on the brunettes. Eye shadow can contain a shred of red or yellow as can be found on mahogany or flour. However, the deciding factor for the color of eye shadow eye color.

– Brunettes with blue eyes look very nice with grey tones.

– Green eyes become more noticeable with a shadow for eyes caramel beige, yellowish beige or green shades of moss.

– Gray eyes and brown hair phenomenal combination especially with a shadow to the eyes khaki or brown bright red shades.

Please note: If your eyes regularly red you should to stop using eye shadow with red and purple shades in it. Under such circumstances, brown or ashy eyeshadows are a better choice. In no case you should not forget to put makeup on your eyebrows. They are very important for overall facial appearance. Brunettes should choose shades of brown with gray color (in the case of light brown hair) or warm medium brown shades (in the event that your hair has a red tint in it).

3 Cunning Used Blush for Brunettes

Brunettes look great in bright red hues. Perhaps you might prefer to use a bright red color with a hint of brown. Avoid shades of apricot and peach. I can do that tan brown-haired woman looks gray and lifeless and make them older. Also you should be careful when using blush in shades of orange. This is especially important if your complexion is not pretty thorough without blemish. Orange blush only draws unnecessary attention to reddish spots or very pale skin. However, you can not go wrong with any bronzer to add a glow to your complexion or to emphasize parts of the face. There is however one rule: Use a bronzer moderate. Otherwise, your face may look too great or facial skin too dark compared to the skin in the neck.

4 You Are Also More Entertained with The Color of Lipstick

If anyone in good standing pure red lipstick, then you have to worry. Bright red is a great color lipstick for brunettes but should not contain strong bluish tones. They also look fabulous with delicate pink and brown color lipstick. Women with reddish brown hair can also include color brick or cinnamon in your favorite color. Brunettes, however, would be to stay away from extremely pink tones especially pearly bright red. Bright red color vibrancy your beautiful brown hair.

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