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Making Fashion Jeans Bag

Making Fashion Jeans Bag

DIY Fashion Jeans Bag:

Do you have an old pair of jeans? You want to throw them away?We recommend that you do not do this, because you can recycle them into beautiful lady’s handbag. Listen to us for advice, because we think for your own good.


Jean Recycling:

For this we need

Old jeans
Old colorful shirts
Sewing Machine
A ruler


How to Recycle Denim Jeans:

Step 1:

Taking old jeans and cut socks because we do not need.

Then turn the jeans inside out, I draw a rectilinear lines on both sides. Rectilinear lines serve us to be able later to cut through them. On Sewing put part of jeans that are used for the bag. Across the line that we draw start to sew by using the machine. First one side, then the other side. When you work on sewing machines be careful do not injure your fingers.

After completion of the sewing on the machine, cut the surplus part (outside the lines that we have sketched).

Then the edges of the jeans go over again the machine. After, we cut the surplus part of sewing.


Step 2:

The next step is to make a handle on the bag.

For this we will need the old colorful shirts.

Handel, will we make of both sleeves.

Cut off one by one sleeve.

Then open the sleeve so you will cut it lengthwise.

Then we cut the sleeve lengthwise by a few centimeters, depending on what you want


Step 3:

Socks that we have left of jeans can serve in the next step. Open the edge of jeans and cut lengthwise as much as you cut and shirt. Measure should be the same.

Then put the pieces of shirts that have previously cut on the jeans. All this start to sew by using the machine.

Now, we have created handles for purse, and need to ears to the middle of the purse.

Colorful part of the sleeve, which we have previously cut we can use to decorate your purse. One part we will put horizontally immediately below the handle.


Step 4:

Now we will work on the inside of your purse, we should now reverse purse upside.

The rest of the colorful shirts we have left from making handles we will use now.

We must remove the collar and make the shirt the same size for the bag. Then using a small needle connect shirt with interior purse. Take a pen, and draw where to chassis on sewing machines. Do not forget to remove the small needle before sewing.

Then on tagged places go through with a machine.


Step 5:

Return purse in proper form and position, take your wallet, and get out for coffee to stroll down your new purse. Enjoy your day with new purse.


Second Way:

Making Jeans Bag Craft

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