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Melt Those Crayons into Colorful, Scented Candles!

Melt Those Crayons into Colorful, Scented Candles!


Don’t know what to do with those crayons that have not been touched since the only child at home left Kindergarten? Now you can make your own colorful layered candles using these simple and easy steps.



Small paper cups (Dixie cups)

Clear wax

Double sided adhesive

Candle wick

Glass candle holder


Scented wax (if you want)

Crayons (colors of your choice)


Cut the double sided adhesive into a shape to fit the metal part of the candle wick. Stick the candle wick in the bottom middle part of the glass candle holder. Choose several colors from the crayon box; it will be up to you how many layers of color would you want, and which colors to use.

Break each crayon into smaller pieces. Place each crayon separately according to their color in the paper cups. One cup should have only one color. No different colors should be combined. Add clear wax in each cup, and if you want it to be scented, add the scented wax as well. Put the paper cup with its contents inside a microwave, and set it to 2 minutes and 20 second. Only place one paper cup at a time. When the time is up, get the paper cup out of the microwave, and stir the contents using a toothpick. Make sure that all the contents are melted. After stirring, pour the contents into the glass candle holder. Let this cool for 15 to 30 minutes before adding the next layer of color.

Continue this process until all colors have been used, and the glass candle holder has been filled.

Now the finished product is a candle that has layers of color that you chose yourself! This is a great gift that is personalized, and can be decorative at home as well.


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