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Men’s Style Guide – How to Choose The Comfortable Men Underwear

Men's Style Guide - How to Choose The Comfortable Men Underwear

Comfortable Men Underwear

Underwear is almost as important as the wardrobe that you carry. So – enjoy a challenge and find a piece that will awaken the man in you, it will be comfortable and replace the old one that often, regardless of comfort, but it looks awful.

For choose comfortable underwear only two criteria are important – convenience and portability.

The first is that the “family jewels” and all that goes with them safely and pleasantly tucked, no shrinkage, gouging on nerves by unpleasant side effects. By “wearable “classified everything is hygienically correct (up to three days of wearing) and serves a purpose – to cover up, hide and warm.


Three Tips for Buying Men Underwear:

  1. Cotton

Cotton is the only material, underwear should be made. A little elastin does not hurt, but all it contains more than 20 percent of synthetics in itself is marked with a big NO, which warns of infertility, inflammation of the skin, rashes, sore spots and numerous infections.


  1. Model

Boxers, briefs or thongs, whatever you choose always keep in mind that you need to know to choose according to their purpose and whether it suits you. Starting from the second category, taking into account the structure of the body, whether you have trimmed crotch zone (if you choose the slip model), because the time “stripes “of yesteryear.

Heterosexuality – the bar in this regard brought something good. When it comes to the purpose, if you like how you are tight shorts, or if your girl like them, you can buy a few pieces that will dress exclusively for undressing. As the tight pants bad for fertility (slowing circulation, thus sperm motility), it is best to buy a few pieces to “show” and for everyday use to have a comfortable, wide and cottony.


  1. Colors

Most of us love color underwear, and indeed, there is something sexy about this shine on our skin. Not, however, that most hygienic effect has a washing machine at 90 degrees, and at that temperature, washed whites only. Thus, the logic is clear – colorfully is nice, but white is healthy. The Council is the same as for model selection – to show exclusive, for each day of what is healthy. Not clean underwear and synthetic underwear are paradise for urinary tract and skin infections.  You must take care.  


How to Be Sure if Your Underwear is Fit or Not!

Fits if:

  • All fits
  • If there is no hole and yellow stains
  • if you want to feel free when you take off

Does not fit if:

  • If the underwear is to tie. He will look funny. So the girl with him if she see that she will start laugh so hard long time.
  • Your pants you can use as a Frisbee
  • If is it more to be comfortable in your underwear than to be without them.

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