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My First Interview

My First Interview


Your first job interview means that you are going in with little or no experience. But keep this in mind that every one of us has gone through this ordeal of going through the first interview. Half the job is done when you walk in exuberant with confidence. Now, how do you get this confidence? Practice, practice and practice, this will give you the extra edge. Write down the probable questions you might think your interviewer may ask. Since you do not have any experience, therefore, most questions will be related to your C.V. or the employment form that you have filled. So sit in front of a mirror and practice answering the questions as if you were sitting for the interview. Continue practicing till you feel a flow in your answers. It is a very competitive environment. All applicants will try to put their best foot forward, so, who gets selected for the job? The applicant who is well prepared! Your extra effort will get you the job. It is very important the way you present yourself and this will depend on how you are dressed up for your first interview. If you are a woman then be dressed in dress slacks, a blouse which is not sleeveless, no high heels or flip flops. Look natural, do light make-up. Color of clothes should not be bold and make sure you do not wear revealing or cleavage showing dress. Men should wear dress slacks, dress shirt with matching tie and polished dress shoes. Hair should be neatly done and should not be long. Nails neatly manicured. Clothes should be wrinkle free.

Before you walk in, take three deep breaths. Greet with a faint smile. This smile you have to wear  throughout  the interview. Do not miss the eye contact. This is a positive angle of your confidence. Body has to be composed, sit up erect and firm but not stiff, do not slouch in the chair. Answer the questions to the best of your abilities and as practiced. Your tone will be soft but firm. Think before answering each question. Be respectful and polite. The interviewer should feel that you have been honest and candid with your answers and mature enough to take up the responsibilities and duties of the job. Finally, do not be late for the interview and walk out leaving this impression behind that you are the right candidate for the job.    

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