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Natural Tips to Take Care of Your Baby Skin

Baby Skin Care - Simple Ways

Loving parents attempt to do their very best for their baby and children in every area of their young lives. As parents, you are their protectors and guardians. Parents have the innate desire to gain as much wisdom as they can and apply it for the greatest good of their babies’ and children’s care. Come to know that your child’s baby skin care and natural hair care is a topic of importance. Your decisions in buying natural skin care products and natural hair care products can affect your child’s health. Your baby needs not suffer from skin irritations nor lose his or her beautiful natural glow he or she is born with.

Baby Skin Care Research

A current report in Clinical Pediatrics reveals that more than seventy-five percent of newborns suffer rashes within the first few months of birth. Researchers suspect that contributing factors include the very products that promise to soften, lighten, clean, and moisturize children’s skin. They note in their research, “Newborn skin is relatively more permeable to topically applied agents than adult skin. Therefore, the risk of systemic toxicity is much greater in newborns. “If parents stop to read labels of supermarket, and drug store baby skin care products, they will find that:

Many contain ingredients likely to be contaminated with formaldehyde, 1,4-dioxane, and possibly even nitrosamines, all of which are cancer-causing, highly irritating or both.

Baby talc-based powders contain tiny particles that irritate the skin and may contain perfumes, a leading cause of allergy and irritation. Parents would be wise to avoid baby powders containing talc. Although baby powders are most frequently applied to diaper rash, there can be better ways. Allowing fresh air to get to your baby’s bottom whenever you can reduces the likelihood of diaper rash. Also, most pediatricians specializing in natural skin care warn parents to avoid petroleum jelly, which traps moisture against the skin and is also a common allergen. If your baby has developed a diaper rash, Baby Cakes diaper rash cream & Baby Cakes diaper rash ointment formulas take care of baby’s skin irritations gently and quickly. Baby Cream, Baby Ointment, Baby Lotion and Baby Massage Oil can relieve irritation. However a parent would be wise to use baby skin care products & natural hair care products free of artificial colors, synthetic fragrances and petrochemicals, which are themselves irritants.


Healthy Baby Skin Care

Look for baby skin care products that are pH balanced with healing herbs such as Soy Calendula Oil which has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties and stimulates cellular regeneration of healthy skin. Other baby friendly healing herbs to look for in a baby bath, baby lotion, and baby massage oil include:

Borage: one of the richest sources of gamma linolenic acid, and it also contains important vitamins and minerals. It is typically used in high-end cosmetic formulations to nourish, and hydrate the skin. Use Borage oil in facial blends for maturing skin or in blends for damaged skin where regeneration of new skin cells is needed.

Avocado Oil: Easily absorbed by the skin and scalp. A good source of vitamins A, D and E, amino acids and sterols. Herbalists traditionally have used avocado oil in natural hair care and scalp preparations. It is very soothing and calming for skin and scalp.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps retard cellular aging associated with free-radical damage. Protects the skin against UV-induced inflammation and maintains skin hydration. Vitamin E regulates abnormal proliferation of the superficial skin layers. (Vitamin E is derived from soy.)

Green Tea: is a potent extract used primarily for fighting free radicals. Green tea extract contains potent antioxidants which are intimately involved in the prevention of cellular damage.

Now available to parents are Baby Cakes Body Lotion and Baby Cakes Baby Bath & Massage Oil which is free of cancer-causing chemicals and irritants and creates a soothing layer of protection for baby’s tender skin. A gentle massage with Baby Cake’s Body Lotion or Massage Oil can be a loving experience for you both!

When using baby shampoo, a mild baby shampoo is best. Parents can recognize a good natural hair care baby shampoo by what it does not contain: synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, highly allergenic and irritating preservatives including quaternion 15, imidazolidinyl urea, and parabens. Baby Cakes 2-in-1 Baby Shampoo & Baby Cakes Therapeutic Baby Shampoo are excellent products enriched with organic aloe juice, organic green tea distillate water, organic botanical extracts and essential skin care vitamins A, C & E. This product is much safer than other supermarket or drug store products.

So what is the most sensible approach when it comes to baby skin care?

Overall, in the beginning months of life, let Mother Nature do her job without your newborn baby having to cope with chemicals. Although plain water on newborn skin is usually good bet, occasionally a small amount of baby bath and baby shampoo may be required. If so, use Skin Care Baby’s Baby Cakes natural skin care products & natural hair care, specializing in All Natural, Organic skin care, which are made with safe and healthy Natural Botanicals, Herbal Extracts and Essential Oils for your baby’s delicate skin. They avoid toxic preservatives, foaming agents and other potentially hazardous ingredients. These products may be a little more expensive than the drug or supermarket brands, however they are completely safe, truly natural and nontoxic.

Baby Skin Care Tip

Parents, your basic baby skin care common sense message is: use small amounts of all natural skin care products for at least the first couple of months of your baby’s life. It would be best to consider this baby skin care principle when you use any other types of products in your baby’s environment as well. By doing this, your baby will have a chance for its own immune system to develop and come to be strong and healthy. I don’t believe you will go wrong with this very simple baby skin care message.

As you know that dry skin can be the cause of eczema, so you should prevent your baby’s skin from drying out. However, you should not use any scented products, or products that contain alcohol. Baby lotion should be no problem, and it should be applied around two times a day (after finish taking a bath is highly recommended).

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Foods can also be the cause of eczema as well. So, you need to watch for the foods your baby eats and how he reacts to those foods. If possible, try to avoid nuts, eggs, and dairy products. If you can find out the food that causes your baby’s eczema, then you need to get rid of that food from his diet.


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