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New Methods on How to Tie a Tie!

New Methods on How to Tie a Tie!


Here are new methods for how to tie a tie with the most beautiful methods:

Since the very early times, man’s look was associated with small details that complement it. Ties are one of these parts that complement the man’s look in formal occasions like meeting or formal visits. There are a large variety or colors and shapes for ties since there are wide and thin ones, classical and modern or even stripped and dotted ones.

New Methods on How to Tie a Tie!
New Methods on How to Tie a Tie!


There are several types for ties this season and we have seen many fashion houses present it on their own way like the wide classical ties, which is renewed every season with a new way of changing patterns or colors and it is more suitable for elder men more than the young adults.

Thin ties were common for a couple of years with its elegant and special designs, but it is not recommended for men with wide or fatty body because it will spoil the look.

Dotted or stripped ties indicates joyfulness over the serious formal looks, but it is still elegant.  You have to choose it wisely like choosing dark or light colored ones for formal occasions, but bold and strong colors for everyday occasions with jeans.

Colored and modern ties are usually worn with single-colored suits that will kill the boredom, but make sure it is suitable with the color of the suit. For example, if you wear a dark-blue colored suite then you can choose blue tie and if you wear a black suit then you can wear a red tie.

Don’t ignore wearing ties at your stylish looks and especially the everyday working occasions since it is classical and modern at the same time.


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