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Paint Your Walls with Stencil Technique

Paint your walls with Stencil technique


It is simple and fun to do wall stenciling with the following basic tips.

  • Supply checklist
  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Positioning of stencil
  • Painting methods
  • Clean up

Be certain to have the required material at hand. Materials required are:

  • Wall pencil stencil Kit
  • Sample board
  • Latex or acrylic paints (Benjamin Moore recommended-it is perfect for stenciling) including basecoat paint
  • Dense foam roller with rounded ends
  • Stencil brushes
  • Regular nap roller and sash brush for base coating
  • Paint tray and large Styrofoam plates
  • Low tack painter’s tape
  • Spray adhesive (opt)
  • Cutting edge Stencil level (opt.)
  • Cleaning material-soap paper towel etc
  • Sand paper
  • Step ladder


  • Choose color combinations and workout techniques on a sample board. Tapping or dabbing technique is called stippling or by making circular swirling brush motions, called swirling technique.


  • Clean the walls to make them dust free and in good condition. Sand paper can be used for smoothing and removing rough stains or marks.
  • Repair and fill any cracks or chips
  • Apply base coat on the surface with latex flat paint. Do 2 or 3 coats for good coverage.
  • 24 hours are needed for the base coat to dry up completely.

Positioning of stencil:

  • Position stencil #1 in level on the wall and tape it to the surface with a few pieces of low tack painter’s tape. Adhesive spray can be used for sharper edges by beginners.

Painting procedure:

  • Absorb the paint onto the dense foam roller from the foam plate.
  • Blot off excess paint on a paper towel by rolling the roller back and forth
  • Apply medium pressure on the roller to avoid paint seepage under the stencil. Peek regularly, to check seepage by lifting the stencil from a corner.
  • Two or three coats may be required when stenciling, lighter colors over darker colors. Let the first coat get dried before doing the next coat.
  • Place blue masking tape on the narrowest edges and also use roller slowly to prevent ‘roll-overs’.
  • Paint has to be dry to remove the tape slowly.
  • Repeat stenciling by repositioning the stencil until the walls are fully covered with your choice of design and color. Each stencil is good for many repeats before cleaning it.
  • Place blue tape on floor and ceiling. Position the stencil to overlap the edges, roll it right into the crease.
  • Stencil brush is used with a little paint in dabbing motion to get the details.
  • Take new dense foam roller for stencil #2.
  • Place stencil #2 in level and tape it on the wall. Repeat procedure, that is, load roller with next color, blot off excess paint and do stenciling on all walls.
  • Stencil #3 is used with same procedure with a different color.

Clean up:

  • Paint palette, stencils and brushes can be easily washed with warm water and soap.

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