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Picking The Best Swimsuit for You

Picking The Best Swimsuit for You


Holiday season has already begun! We are all counting down the days for wearing swimsuit.

Are you ready for new swimsuit tips for you?

 Have you bought a new swimsuit?

If you are not and you don’t know what to choose, and that the best way to highlight your body, see our little guide.

Picking The Best Swimsuit for You
Picking The Best Swimsuit for You


We bring you recommendations for the type of swimsuit in relation to your body type!

  • Athletic body – Resist the desire to wear a sports swimsuit, but you decide to feminine pieces that will accentuate the curves and give you a gentle touch. Ideal taster swimsuits is with careers swimsuit and folds along the seams and edges.
  • Male breasts – Highlight them uppers with print. 
  • Long torso – The goal is to visually shorten and therefore cannot take conspicuous swimsuits with vertical stripes. Decide for one-piece swimsuits in the gentle print. 
  • Gradual curves – Select two-piece swimsuits with the top of which has a deep reinforcement and panties to packing. You can use top part of the strong color that combines the bottom with white. Stripes are a good choice, because it will visually shrink your hips. 
  • The tiny timber – you have small holdings and prefer to emphasize that the legs and torso? Your ideal is a two piece bikini mini bikini with thin strips to your underwear that can bind to the side. 
  • Fuller hips and legs – the best example of this material among the known divas. They knows very well that highlight and emphasize the parts of the body, especially your curves. Decide they slips deeper retro and triangles in the upper part, and they are ready for beach!
  • If you have a boyish body, then your goal is to visually create curves. Ideal swimsuit for you is the one-piece with striking print and cut low on the chest and hips.

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