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Pickled Green Olives Recipe

Pickled Green Olives with Hot Red Pepper & Celery Recipe

How to make pickled green olives


Pickled green olives with chili



One and a half kilograms of green olives
Three carrots, finely grated
1 cup chopped celery
Quarter of a kilo of lemon sliced
Half a kilo of hot red pepper, sliced
Half a small cup of lemon juice
Two tablespoons of vinegar
cup of coarse white salt



  • Wash the olives, then soak them in water for three days, and we renew the water daily.
  • Bring an airtight glass jar for pickling and put olives, carrots, red chili and celery in it.
  • In the jar with olives, add water, salt, lemon juice and vinegar.
  • Close the jar for four months, then the pickled green olives are ready to eat.

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