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Popular Superstitions and Myths in Romania

Popular superstitions and myths in Romania


We all know that every part of the world has its own superstitions or myths that last for hundred of years and now we’ll talk about those found in Romania. Some superstitions and myths are found in other cultures also but there are some that you’ve probably haven’t heard about, unless you actually lived there for a while.


Some of the superstitions and myths may be funny or a little bit weird, it’s up to you to believe or just have a little bit of interesting reading.


Let’s start, shall we ?


  1. If you break a mirror you will be the happy beneficiary of 7 years of bad luck.
  2. If you play with fire you will pee in your bed.
  3. If the black cat will cross the road in front of you, or if you will meet a priest on the road, then you will have bad luck.
  4. If your palm is itching it means that you will either receive some money or you will get beaten/
  5. Spilling salt means bad luck, having a quarrel. In order to avoid the bad luck or to prevent quarrel, one has to throw but a pinch of salt that was spilled over the shoulder.
  6. If it rains at your wedding it means you will have a happy marriage.
  7. Never give the last cigarette from your pack because this means giving away your wife or girlfriend.
  8. If you stay in the corner of the table, you will never get married.
  9. You should never get out from a house on another door except the one you entered, as it will bring bad luck.
  10. Always leave the house with the right foot as it will bring you good luck.
  11. If you leave leftovers in your plate then you will marry an ugly wife/husband.
  12. It is not good to whistle inside a house, because you will lose your money.
  13. If you travel you should not turn half way even when you forget something. This will bring bad luck.
  14. When your nose is itchy, you will have a party or festivity, an occasion to drink. Or you will receive some news.
  15. When drinking wine, one pours out some wine on the ground. This is for the dead friends and relatives so they can drink along.
  16. Bouquets must have an odd number of flowers. Thus, never give 4, 6, 8 flowers to a person. Explanation: bouquets with even numbers are for funeral ceremonies or cemeteries.
  17. When a person praised a child, like “what a nice child”, the child shoud be wearing something red. This can prevent the child from bad curses.
  18. If you spill your coffee you will receive money.
  19. Once you get out the house, never look back or else your entire day will go wrong.
  20. Never leave your purse on the floor or else you will lose money.
  21. If you write an exam with the same pen with which you have prepared yourself for the exam, the pencil will remember the answers.
  22. Never leave your purse on the floor or else you will lose money.
  23. If you bite your tongue while eating, is because you recently told a lie.
  24. When cows raise their tails, it’s a sign that it will rain soon.
  25. For having good luck the rest of the year, wear something new for Easter and New Year.
  26. If you drop the scissors, it means your boyfriend / girlfriend cheated you.
  27. If you wear a foot rabbit in your pocket, it will protect you from evil spirits.
  28. One must avoid meeting a person who carries an empty bucket, basket or can. If you meet someone with a full basket, that means good luck.
  29. A swan feather introduced in your husband pillow will ensure your partner’s fidelity.
  30. If you catch a falling leaf on the first day of autumn, you will not be cold all winter.
  31. At least one window should always be opened at a funeral, to allow the spirit to leave.
  32. At a funeral, at every road crossing you should stop and put a piece of whit fabric to ensure the soul a good crossing to the other side.
  33. If you hit the net of a spider, you will meet a new friend.
  34. If a cat sits on someones grave, the dead soul arrived in Hell.
  35. Never make payments on a Monday, or else you will give money all week.
  36. When you have the hiccups, someone is thinking of you.
  37. It brings you good luck if you get as a present a new pair of gloves.
  38. You are lucky if you carry a coin in your pocket.
  39. It is bad luck if your left eye suddenly stirs (it means that you will soon get disappointed by someone or something).
  40. The young unmarried girls write their names on the sole of the bride’s shoes; the one whose name isn’t effaced will be the next to get married.


This are just a part of the superstitions that are still heard in Romania and they differ from one part of the country to the other, it is up to you if you’ll believe or not, either way it will put a big smile on your face.

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