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Popular Superstitions in Pakistan

Popular superstitions in Pakistan


Superstitions in Pakistan are wide spread and many events are attributed to the supernatural effects. Superstition is a belief in supernatural causality that one event leads to the cause of another without any physical process linking the two events. It contradicts natural science. Here are some of the popular superstitions of Pakistan.

  1. Children with physical deformities or disabilities are buried chest-deep in sand during partial solar eclipse, as part of a strong belief that this process will cure the child of the disability or deformity.
  2. A very common practice to ward off evils and evil looks is to sacrifice a black goat.
  3. Another related superstition to avoid bad luck and ‘evil eye’ is either to take a handful of meat and make seven rotating motions of your meat holding hand around someone’s head and throw the meat to birds to eat.
  4. Blinking of left eye is not considered a good sign; it means bad luck is around the corner.
  5. Avoid a black cat from crossing in front of you, it will bring bad luck.
  6. Shoo off an owl if you hear it hooting on your roof top, it is a sign of bad luck.
  7. It is a sign of happiness, if a mirror or glass made things fall and break.
  8. Left-over foods in a house can lead to bad events happening.
  9. If buffaloes or horses come in your dream then it is supposed to be bad luck.
  10. Kids stop growing in height if somebody walks/crosses over them.
  11. Drinking milk after eating fish can cause skin discoloration.
  12. Crowing of crows perched on your walls, indicate arrival guests to your house.
  13. An itching feeling in palms signifies that riches and wealth are on your way.
  14. If you are leaving your house, no family member should call you on your back. It brings bad luck.
  15. If you choke while eating, somebody is thinking bad or ill of you.
  16. When a dog howls, death is expected in the neighborhood.
  17. If a cat hits you on the head with its feet first, you will face poverty in your life.
  18. Cleaning your house with a broom after sun set brings bad luck to your family.
  19. If you sneeze more than thrice, somebody is missing you and thinking of you.
  20. If someone arrives right at the moment somebody mentioned him, that someone will have a long life.

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