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Prepare Mouthwatering Indian Aloo Ki Tikki Recipe

Indian Aloo ki Tikki Recipe


India is known throughout the world for its sumptuous cuisine. Aloo ki Tikki is among the most popular dishes of India. It is an ideal option for breakfast. It is extremely easy to cook, and only requires about twenty five minutes preparation time. It comprises mainly of potatoes, or aloos as they are known in India. A few other supplements are added to enhance the taste.


In order to prepare Aloo ki Tikki, you require:

3 Large size boiled potatoes

Coriander leaves

3 Green chilies

Red chilies

Asafetida powder

Salt, oil, and flour

The usage of red chilies, and flour is optional.



The first step is to boil the potatoes. The boiled potatoes are then skinned, and crushed. These crushed potatoes are then assorted with fragmented green chilies, red chili powder, coriander leaves, salt, and small amount of Asafetida.

These mashed potatoes are then converted in to numerous round and flat shaped tikkies. You have the option of coating these tikkies with flour paste to enable easy frying.

These potato tikkies are then fried in a pan until they turn brown. The Aloo ki tikki can be served along with sauce, or chutney.         

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