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Problems with Teenagers

How to Help Teens!

How to Help Teens!

Only the fathers can solve the problem of their teenagers being late

At some point of the teens life, he becomes a night creature who addict staying late at night at home and he prefers sleeping when everyone else starts their day at the morning. He spends the hours out of his home in a peaceful way with some friends within the same age, which worries the parents especially mothers. Only fathers can achieve the solution for this problem.

First, the treatment is about identifying some facts about the reasons of staying late at night with some instructions that the father should follow.

Why Teenagers Staying Late!

5 Reasons for staying late at night

  1. The father should know that when the teenager stay late at night outside the home, he begin to feel improvement in his manliness, dominance and self-province. It is also a reflection from the movement from the childhood to the teenage, which features independency.
  2. It represents also rebellion over the parents’ rules and instructions in addition to principles and habits that he consider a part of the past.
  3. It is usually escaping from real social problems or arguments that challenges his age.
  4. Sometimes, the teenager stays late at night objecting the rules of the family and feeling free from any negative feelings.
  5. The reason might be wasting time with no benefit because of the lack of enhancement of caring about the importance of time since the very early age.

How fathers can solve the problem of their teenagers being late?

7 Treatments from the father

  1. The father should respect his teenager’s friends without inspecting because trust enhance the bond between father and his teenager.
  2. Focusing on the positive matters of the teenager even if it was little because it will increase over time.
  3. Try to reduce the habit of changing his negative habits when he stays at home, so he won’t feel angry about staying at home.
  4. Don’t mind sharing some time with him and give him some care.
  5. Show him your love and care and don’t give him too much pocket money, so he can’t find it easy to follow the negative way.
  6. Reduce your objections on his behaviors because you shouldn’t neglect his needs and feelings.
  7. Allow him to stay away from the home for specific hours that cannot be exceeded and tell him that you are afraid from the possibility of occurrence of bad situations. Discuss with him also the crimes you read about in journals or TV.

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