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Raising Your Child to Be Organized

How to Raise Your Son to Be Organized in His Life!

The first people who pay for their children mess are parents, and they have to spend more effort to organize the terrible mess that their child spread around the house. If you have unorganized child who doesn’t follow your rules by tiding his room and toys, then all you have to do is teaching & guiding him instead of hopelessness. The right beginning is daily routine! When your child gets used to a daily routine based on organizing then he’ll do it all alone without any help from his parents in the future. 

How to make your son get used to organizing!

You can raise your child to be organized by following simple steps:

First Step: Make sure that everything in your house has a one specific place.

Second Step: To raise an organized child you have to make organization as a game you play together, like making a race between you and your child and see who will finish tiding first, in that way the child will connect organizing with playing and he won’t feel bored or escape from tiding his items.

Third Step: Give him a beautiful note and ask him to write what he thinks about in this note and write a date to each idea or thing he wants to do, in this way he’ll have a week plan, and help him on arranging and doing these ideas and things.

Fourth Step: Make some of your time to listen to your child thoughts and suggestions on planning without criticizing them which helps in building his personality and self-confidence.

Fifth Step: Help him in tiding his room & closet the way he decides, and don’t stop him from making his own decisions.

Sixth Step: Arrange meals, studying and sleeping times.

Seventh Step: You have to give obvious & understandable orders and instructions for your child.

Eighth Step: Parents must be a role model to their children.

Ninth Step: Don’t forget to give your child compliments and praises when he does a great job or when he tides his own stuffs.

Tenth Step: When your child makes mistake teach him how to make it right by himself, and don’t intimidate or neglect in case your child made a mistake.

Finally we advise parents to stay away from punishments and rebukes, or yelling on your children if they neglected in tiding and organizing their items, and instead of this, start asking them about the reason like: Why haven’t you tided your room? And if he said he’s tired or exhausted then you can say: You can tidy your room after resting or at least put your clothes in its right place.



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