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Rumi Cheese Sauce Recipe

Gebna Romi Sauce Recipe

How to make Romi cheese sauce



One and a half cups of milk.
A cup and a quarter of grated Rumi cheese.
Three tablespoons of butter.
Two tablespoons of flour.
pinch of salt.
Pinch of black pepper.
Pinch of nutmeg.
Slices of olives.



  • Use a deep saucepan, add the butter and leave it on a low heat until it melts, then put the flour and continue stirring until its color changes and becomes golden.
  • Gradually add the milk while stirring, distributing a pinch of black pepper, nutmeg and salt.
  • Add the Rumi cheese and let it melt.
  • Pour the Rumi cheese sauce into a serving bowl and decorate it with slices of olives. Cheese sauce can be used for pasta.

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