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Sahlep with Nuts Recipe

Salep with Nut and Coconut Recipe - Dessert Drinks

Sahlep Drink with Nut and Coconut Recipe

It is a type of flour made from the tubers of the orchid genus flower, or
Orchis flower. Orchids are widely used in the Arab world, and Turkey especially in Egypt, the Levant, and some regions of Saudi Arabia, especially Mecca and Jeddah. This is a type of flour used to make kind of dessert beverages, also this Arab drink called Salep, or spelled as sahlep, or sahlab. It is of high nutritional value and a thick drink mix with milk is made from it known as the orchid. Helps the rapid growth of children, the safety of their teeth, strengthening their bones, and improving children’s immune capabilities against infectious diseases. It is used to treat diarrhea, especially for children. It is also described for cases of poisoning. Sahlab drink has great taste and amazing smell. The best time to drink Sahlep in the winter, it is a warm and energy drink, for lovers of cinnamon or grated coconut, we offer you a way of making Salep to prepare for the family, and guests, the delicious and easiest distinctive oriental sweets.


2 cups of liquid milk
1 tablespoon of salep powder
4 tablespoons of sugar, or as desired
Coconut and cinnamon for garnish
A teaspoon of blossom water or as desired
Half a cup of nuts

Sahlep Recipe


How to Prepare Salep Recipe:

Put the sugar with one cup of milk and then add blossom water over it on a slow fire, then stir them well and leave them on the fire, to dissolve the sugar.

In another bowl, place the orchid powder with the remaining cup of milk and stir until the orchid melts completely.

Pour the orchid mixture over the milk and sugar gradually and keep stirring.

Raise the heat of the fire under the mixture, and leave the mixture to a boil, until you get a thick mixture.

Pour the orchid mixture with serving cups, then sprinkle it with cinnamon, walnuts and coconut, and serve hot.


Arab country make Sahlep recipe without adding cinnamon, and blossom water, because it has strong, and amazing smell also you can add to much nuts, and Coconut in one cup and use the spoon also serve it hot.


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