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Saladin (Part 7)

Saladin (Part 7)


King Richard arrives in Jerusalem and is hit by a poisoned arrow. The news spreads fast. The Crusaders camps erupted with high emotions and sentiments and shouts could be heard all around to “seek revenge” for King Richard’s murder and recapture Jerusalem.

Saladin senses that the conspiracy was plotted to break the truce and begin the war. He takes a very daring step. He decides to go to the Crusaders camps and personally treat King Richard because it was very important that King Richard should survive and for the Christians to know the truth about the plot to blame the Arabs for killing of King Richard.

Dressed to hide his identity, Saladin enters King Richard’s tent and begins his treatment with medication. Outside, the Christians ignorant of the developments are screaming for revenge and waging of war in high-pitched tones. Meanwhile, the medication shows results and King Richard recovers. He finds out that his savior is none other than the great Saladin. King Richard cannot help but say, “He is always in my way, even when I am ill.” Even at this crucial moment, Saladin tells King Richard that “Jerusalem belongs to the Arabs.” But King Richard refuses to accept the notion of Arabs claiming the Holy City; he declares that he shall liberate Jerusalem. Saladin tells him, “You do not fight for Christianity but for your vanity. So war it is-but I warn you-you will lose.”

During the passage of time, Richard recovers and begins his preparations to recapture Jerusalem. Fully prepared and ready to fight he leads his army into the battlefield. Saladin is ready with his troops to repulse, foil and defeat the enemy. After a bitter and hard fought battle, King Richard is again defeated. Arabs are victorious and Saladin tells King Richard that “war is not always a solution.” King Richard accepts the supremacy of Arabs and gathers his troops to return to England. Saladin extends him an invitation that “we will see you again in Jerusalem,” and bids him fare-well. King Richards in a gesture of admission of Jerusalem being the land of Arabs tells Louise, “I hope to see you when I return as a pilgrim.”

**The End**

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