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Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days!

Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days!


If you have been living with a thick wavy hair, or a naturally curly one, you would know by now that maintaining, and taking care takes time, and effort. Not to mention styling it! Here are a few tips, and tricks to make you want to say goodbye to bad hair days, and embrace your natural curls. Styling curly hair/thick wavy hair It will be more simple and easier to style your curly hair than to make it straight. All you need to do is apply certain products that will make the hair healthier, and easier to work with.

After taking a shower, while the hair is still wet, apply a hair oil, an anti split-end product, and an anti-heat spray, in this particular order.
Blow dry hair using a hair dryer that has a diffuser on the nozzle

Maintaining curly/ thick wavy hair

1- Find a stylist that suits you. Being able to communicate what you want for your hair is very important.
2- Shampoo every other day, but use a conditioner every day.
3- Instead of washing your hair with hot water, wash it with cold water.
4- Never use a brush to comb your dry hair, but use your fingers instead. If combing with wet hair, it is okay to use a brush.
5- If you are desperately trying to maintain a healthy hair, do not be misled by all of the products that you see. You may want to try them all, but the key to maintaining a healthier, naturally looking hair is to lessen, and limit product use.
6- If you do choose some products to use, be aware that you need to apply them while your hair still damp, or wet.
7- Blow drying often can get your hair dry. The trick is to use a diffuser nozzle to make the air not concentrated in just one area.
8- Detoxify! You feel like you have been using too many products, or just blow drying too often? Reserve one day to just use a hair spa, and let your hair down.
9- Finally, we all know straight hair is a fad. But this does not mean you cannot embrace natural curls! Do not fight it, you are beautiful whatever kind of hair you have.

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