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Home Crafts Simple Way to Create a Doll Closet

Simple Way to Create a Doll Closet

Simple Way to Create a Doll Closet



– Scissors

– Rectangular box of cardboard

– Colorful Paper or clothes

– You need some Beads

– Wire of iron

– Three Match boxes

– Glue



– You would take a piece of colorful paper. You might use colorful cloth also. I advise you to use a colorful paper is better. Then you would draw a margin on the paper according to the sides of the rectangular box.

– Now you would cut the paper according the margin. You should bear in mind one thing is the length of the colored paper should be coverable all the rectangular box.

– You would take the glue, and you spread it on the surface of the rectangular box of cardboard.

– Now you start to stick the colorful papers on the surface of the box.

– Glue the wire of iron into the rectangular box, you use it to hang the doll clothes.

– You can use the beads to decorate the edges of the rectangular box.

How to make drawers for a doll closet:

Now you can put these drawers in the wardrobe.

Notice: You can use the rest of the wires to create the clothes hanger.

Now your doll has a nice wardrobe.


DIY How to make mini closet for dolls| Barbie hacks and DIYs | waste Material Crafts by CrazeeCrafts


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