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Simple Ways of Fixing Real Hair Extensions and Wigs

Simple Ways of Fixing Real Hair Extensions and Wigs

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Many Hollywood stars have elegant hairstyles regarding the thickness, or its style and of course, this thickness is not natural, but it is a result of synthetic hair extensions. Hence, you will learn how to add hair extensions at home without the need of hair specialists to have a thick, and elegant hairstyle at the same time. If you follow these steps in the right way, we promise you to not to fall in the trick of synthetic look.

Remy Hair Extensions:


Synthetic Ponytail: It is one of the available ways for women with short hairstyles. These supplies are the best by rolling another piece of hair extension over the tie, or using another hair tie to hide the extensions.

Curly Attachments: Everyone has tried this method at least once. The synthetic attachments might look obvious in this method, but similar to synthetic eyelashes that you have to modify it to match the shape of your hair. Don’t hesitate using scissors to shorten what you want to remove to create a new style.

Wigs: Putting wigs is definitely the fastest way to look as different person as it is an interesting way for trying the new directions of hair colors.

Attachments: you look to stars on red carpet, feel fascinated with the length, and thickness of their hair, and ask yourself about the way they get that. Well, it is a result of attachments.

Synthetic Bridal Hairstyles: Famous hairstylists use the sponge to add density to the bridal hairstyles especially in occasions when you should just cover the circle with hair and fix it with flexible tie, and pins.

Sewing Hair with Synthetic Attachments: If you want to have Beyoncé’s hairstyle then it is the time to set an appointment with a professional. This is the safest way to put attachments. They are fixed in a professional way as they are intersected with the natural hair, but you should make sure to use colors similar to the color of your hair, or at least in a harmony with it.

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