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Soaked Chamomile to Lighten the Hair this Summer

Soaked Chamomile to Lighten the Hair this Summer

Chamomile contains essential elements that can give your hair brightness and vitality. It is also helpful for blond or bright hair with the feature of not showing the yellow color when you exposure to the sun.

Some women prefer to get a bright-colored hair without resorting to chemical dyes that spoil the hair. So, the chamomile is the best solution to bright the hair, and gives it the best attractive look without using unwanted chemical dyes; because the chamomile contains natural elements that increase the health of your hair, and give it a better look. It also treats the problem of hair growth as it enhances the rate of hair growth. It also has the Melanin layer that gives hair bright and beautiful color.


Three steps to bright your hair:

  • First Mixture: Boil ½ liters water, then adds two spoons of chamomile, two spoons of hair cream, and one lemon juice. Leave the ingredients boil for 5 minutes, then leave the mixture till it cool down, then put it on your hair, and exposing it to the sun for at least one hour. Last, wash with water, and repeat this method daily for a week.


  • Second Mixture: Soak two spoons of chamomile for two hours in a boiling tea without sugar. Prepare blond henna, and mix it with the chamomile soak. Add the henna over your hair massage the roots of your hair well then leave for two hours. Wet your hair with the chamomile soak till the henna gets dried, then wash your hair from henna with water, shampoo, and clean it well.


  • Third Mixture: Boil ½ liters of water, then add two spoons of chamomile over water, and leave to boil for two minutes. Leave the mixture for 15 minutes before filtering the water. Leave it to cool down, and keep it to be used after every time you wash your hair with shampoo.

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