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Standards of Choosing Dining Table and Chairs

Standards Of Choosing Dining Table And Chairs


How to Choose a Dining Table

Dining rooms have the same importance as living rooms when it comes to interior design since both of them serves the visitors, so it should be designed in an attractive way that is in a harmony with the house style.

How to Choose Dining Chair

The following tips are the best standards for choosing dining table and chairs.

1. Chairs:

-The chairs’ seat should be shifted 40 to 45 cm from the floor level with length of 50 cm and width of 40 cm. The height of the seat’s back should be 85 to 90 from the floor level.

-A distance of 80 cm should be left behind each chair to enable people to move chairs when sitting for eating. A space of 20 cm should be left between every two chairs.

2. Dining Table:

The height of the dining table should be around 75 cm and the width should be 180 cm. The following table shows the accurate standards of height and area of dining tables with respect of number of people:

Standards of choosing Dining table and chairs
Standards of Choosing Dining Table and Chairs

 Dining Hall Arrangement

From another side, the diameter of a round table for 4 persons should be around 110 cm, but for 6 persons its diameter should be 125 cm.

For the oval dining tables for 6 persons should have the diameter of 110 cm with length of 180 cm. The expandable tables consists of 5 parts with dimensions of 60 x 90 cm to measure at last 120 to 215 cm, but the round table with diameter of 90 to 120 cm would be 145 or 195 cm.

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