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Stripe Your Room Walls!

Stripe your room walls!


Simple and easy techniques can make rooms look graceful and elegant with ever-lasting style of wall striping, with colors of your choice. Color of base coat and stripes should be made with the room dimensions and shape of room in mind.

Stripe your room walls!
Stripe your room walls!



  1. Semi gloss paint
  2. Base coat paint
  3. Laser level
  4. Painter’s tape
  5. Measuring tape
  6. Angled paint brush
  7. Nap roller
  8. Stepladder
  9. Blue chalk
  10. Straightedge


If horizontal stripes are painted, then room will appear spacious and with vertical stripes, the room ceiling appears higher. Alternate stripes are impressive and graceful. Width of stripes should be between 4 inches and 12 inches, because narrow stripes makes the job cumbersome and tedious and broader stripes loose the impact of stripes. Base coat should always be lighter and stripes dark because the darker stripes are highlighted and do not get drowned in the backdrop of dark base coat. Marking of lines should be done with blue chalk because it can be covered with paint whereas, red or yellow chalks are “fast” colors and they are not fully covered by the paint.



  1. Clean the walls from any dirt and dust particles.
  2. Cover with tape moldings, things that are not to be painted.
  3. Base coat the walls with a light paint and dry it for two days.
  4. Do calculations on paper about number and width size of stripes. Measure and mark the walls starting with hidden corners as per calculations. (Size of stripes should be between  4 to 12 inches wide)
  5. Make a “tape legend” for each measuring of 4ft to 6ft long stripes and stick them on the wall and mark with dots in proportion with width of stripes
  6. Use laser level to get to the next dot and pull the tape loose at this point to know exactly where to place the second strip
  7. Seal the edges of the tape, so paint will not go underneath the tape
  8. Place straight edge on top of painter’s tape and using angled paint brush, paint the edges and narrow stripes and with nap roller, paint the wide stripes
  9. Let paint semi-dry and remove painter’s tape.

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