I Want You ” 12 “

Episode 11 of I Want You - Horror & Murder Story

Day 7: Williams and his friends made a copy of all the videos that were on the camera, then Anel took the camera to give it to the police. Rose’s mother came back to the home after what she had heard about the house and the dead bodies, she thought of leaving

Fish Burger Recipe

Crispy Fish Burger Recipe - Hello World Magazine

Fish is a nutritious food rich in omega-3 essential for a healthy body, and fish is one of the important meals to eat, especially for children during the study period because it helps focus and speed academic achievement.   Ingredients Half a kilo of fish fillet ¼ cup white flour 1 large egg 1 teaspoon "teaspoon"

French-style Scrambled Eggs Recipe At Home

French-style Scrambled Eggs Recipe - Hello world Magazine

French-style Scrambled Eggs Recipe - Hello World Magazine   Second Way to Make French-style Scrambled Eggs Recipe  Ingredient Two large eggs One tablespoon unsalted butter Two tablespoons of milk or heavy cream One tablespoon of chopped fresh chives Two slices of toast Salt and pepper as taste   Method In a bowl start to beat the eggs. Use a saucepan to heat

20 BEST Places to Visit in Qatar

Top 20 Places To Visit In Qatar

The best places to visit in Qatar. You will also learn about the places and where they are located. To understand where Qatar is located? Here is a little information about this country.   What do you know about Qatar?   It is a sovereign and independent country in the Middle East, and

Orzo with Mushroom Soup Recipe

Risoni with Mushroom Soup Recipe

Ingredients One medium onion chopped cup sliced ​​mushroom can (250 g) Two tablespoon of butter Half teaspoon salt and black pepper, to taste Orzo (250 g) Liter of chicken broth Half of cumin Method Put a bowl over the medium heat, we will heat one tablespoon of butter and we will add the chopped onion, then the mushrooms, we

Homemade Whipped Cream From One Milk Cup

DIY Whipped Cream From One Cup of Milk Without Using Whipping Cream Powder

How to Make Whipped Cream From One Milk Cup   Ingredients One full-fat milk cup Two teaspoons unflavored gelatin powder Quarter cup of hot water Quarter cup of icing sugar   Tool: whipping machine   Method: Bring a plastic bowl and add one full-fat milk cup into it. Then put it in a freezer for 2 hours because we need the