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How to Make an Owl of Toilet Paper Roll

How to Make an Owl of Toilet Paper Roll

  A bit about the project: In this project we would see how we could make an owl from some useless or recycled materials. We would make a nice craft from those recyclable materials. Actually there are many things beside us and we think some are useable and some are not useable.

Method to Make a Miniature Sofa for a Doll

Method to Make a Miniature Sofa for a Doll

  Making a small sofa for your doll-house is quite easy. But someone finds it difficult as they don’t know the proper way to do so. Here in this article we are going to suggest a proper plan for making miniature sofa for your dollhouse. Method is very simple and with

How to Make Fruits from Plastic Bottles

How to Make Fruits from Plastic Bottles

  If you love to make crafts at home, then your search is ended here. In this article we will discuss about the beautiful craft from plastic bottle waste. Utilise the time to make homemade craft. It is very easy to make such plastic toy or craft.    Materials required are: Soft

Home-Made Plastic Bottle Toys

Home-made plastic bottle toys

  Utilize your time in creating beautiful home-made things from throw away plastic bottles. It is very easy and fun to make these toys. Firstly, have the following materials available to make the plastic bottle toy. Two plastic soft drinks bottles of 2.5 liter A pair of scissors. Brush and acrylic

Make Air Freshener in 10 Minutes

Make Air Freshener In 10 Minutes

  The first international advice is to “GO GREEN” which means that the world should go for using natural resources and avoid using chemical compositions or industrial processes that harm the human health especially kids. If you are one of those who trust every green and prefer adding a fresh touch

Make a Carpet Yourself

Make a carpet yourself

  You can make a carpet by following 8 easy steps.   Tools: One-color carpet Transparent printing papers Printer Cloth paint Small painting brush Adhesive tape Ruler Scissors Cutter   Steps: Start searching for your favorite drawings over the internet then print it over transparent papers. Use ruler and cutter to dump the drawing. Put the adhesive tape over the borders of carpet completely.