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Ten Worst Nutritional Mistakes Among Teenagers

Ten Worst Nutritional mistakes among teenagers


Breakfast must contain good carbs that provides the body with energy to kick their day off. Mothers should prepare light meals rich with vitamins and minerals to improve the focusing skill of their son or daughter. There are 10 mistakes with teenagers as follows:

  1. Skipping Breakfast: Breakfast is important since it provides the body with essential energy from carbs.
  2. Fast foods: WHO has warned from overeating fast foods and junk food since it contains high percentage of saturated fats that leads to keeping fats and infection with other diseases like diabetes.
  3. Eating on irregular basis: FDA specialists expressed that eating at the same times every day helps in improving the appetite and losing weight while eating one big-sized meal leads to gaining weight.
  4. Anorexia: Many teenagers especially girls suffer from it because their fair of gaining weight and it keeps until the girl hates eating at all. Hence, they lose weight gradually in a very bad way and this is because of:
    1. Hysterical symptoms: More than 80% of girls in this stage of life feel fat even if it looks natural to other people.
    2. It might be associated with compulsive obsession.
    3. It might be a symptom of depression.
  5. Bulimia Nervosa: This is the opposite of the anorexia and happens on the late stage of teenage where girls keeps eating too much with these symptoms:
    1. Losing control over eating portions.
    2. Overeating twice a week at least and it lasts for a minimum of 3 months.
    3. Teenagers might lead to intensive workouts to get rid out of extra weight that is because of depression, anemia or chronic fatigue.
  6. Eating outside: Depending on fast foods at food courts or restaurants led to overweighting among children and adults. Diabetes are highly associated with that and 90% of fast foods don’t contain any nutritional values and are high in calories with a range of 400 to 500 calories.
  7. Not reading nutritional labels: Adults usually eat foods like cakes or chips without reading the nutritional labels attached to it that contains the calories per serving and amount of fats and fivers in addition to other elements. It is important to stick to the daily amount of calories according to your diet.
  8. Emotional eating: Most of people overeat because of emotions such as worry, fear or depression. In this context, specialists say that people should go for the solution of the problem instead of ignoring it with eating.
  9. Not doing sports: Scientists at ASMI found that not doing sports at the teenage affects the body and the metabolism negatively later on, so mothers should enhance their children before the teenage on doing sports regularly through sports club with specialized trainers.
  10. Smoking: Scientists shows that smoking at this stage reduces the immune system of the body which weaken the senses of taste and smell and increase the amount of vitamin C beyond the need of the body that affects the metabolism negatively.

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