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The Groom and His Style for Summer Wedding

Top Style for The Groom in Summer Wedding

All eyes are fixed on the wedding day on the bride and groom. Groom with his style, he needs to fit the ceremony and of course, to appeal to the bride. So the central item in the preparations for the wedding of every groom – find elegant suit and complement it with the details!

Summer means impeccably elegant style, and to look solemnly not mean you have to wear a smoking.

One thing should be clear: formal clothing worn in the evening occasions.

Solve the tux ( tuxedo )

If you marry, or attend a wedding that takes place late in the afternoon, while the sun still shines, smoking is certainly not appropriate. What will definitely be a real hit is the corduroy suit – free to choose beige and gray shades – you can even pair with the bow tie. Smarter to choose narrower model bows, large model can act like disorderly.

Lightweight clothing made ​​of cotton and linen are ideal

However, there are a few rules. Choose a suit with discreet stripes, blue or gray, because they are easier presented. White classic shirt is required, and the details should be simple.

No need to look for a striking, with just a suit it will attract attention too. Fashion Rules to allow such suits and white shoes, but you can try with brown loafers. No socks, of course

You will be elegant and without formal evening clothes

No, dark gray suit with stripes is not the only way to be stylish, and especially not in the summer wedding. If you are still unsure, choose white, ivory or cream.

Guarantee for a festive and elegant look will give you a well-chosen fabric – should be light, but also festive. So too does the festive cut suits – carefully tailored and groomed lapels, a classic white shirt that spells elegance. So , your choice says : OK , I’m getting married ( or ‘m godfather to the groom ) but … it’s summer !

Something more you need to know

The size and pattern of the tie must be consistent with other details in the appearance of the groom. Lower men should avoid large patterns and wide ties, does not apply to those high, without fear can choose a wide ties, bold patterns. Tied tie should touch the stopper on the belt pants.

When we talk about the jacket, to the left can be put decorative handkerchief in the pocket, which can be in shades of bride Biedermeier or some other color that dominates the decoration wedding. The most important thing is to be consistent with the color of the tie.

What else should know groom for his style to be perfect?

 Sleeve length must be appropriate to the groom would not look as if he borrowed someone else’s clothes. If sleeve covers cuff shirts, this means that it is too long. It have to touch the base of the thumb , revealing up to 2cm in length sleeves .

And most importantly for the end: the groom should feel comfortable in clothes, that he is doing well and that it can play until the morning!!!!

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