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The Magic of a Maxi Skirt

The Magic of a Maxi Skirt


If you have been searching for that one clothing item that you can wear for any occasion, night or day, that will fit you no matter your body type, the answer is a maxi dress or skirt. These dresses, or skirts, are long, usually past the ankle. They are simple, yet come in many styles to be the perfect of clothing addition.

Like any piece of clothing, it is best to try it on before purchasing it to make sure it fits comfortably. Many maxi dresses come in a stretchy fabric that fits the curves of your body. Others can be cotton or other fabric, so make sure you try it on and are comfortable in the way it fits. Some maxi skirts also have ruffles or pleats. These are a lot of fun but make sure you pair it with a plain tee or blouse to avoid wearing too many loud pieces. If they have patterns, also make sure to wear a more basic top. Another great look whether you are in a maxi dress or skirt is to pair it with a denim jacket or vest.

The Magic of a Maxi Skirt
The Magic of a Maxi Skirt

You also have a couple more options when it comes to choosing the best top for a maxi skirt. Crop tops are a great option if you are comfortable possibly showing off a bit of your stomach. If not, maxi skirts also look great with a shirt you are able to tuck in the skirt, and if you so choose, pair with a belt that accentuates your waist.

Maxi skirts may come off a bit sexy depending on the style you are wearing, so there may be some cases in which the tight version of the dress needs some dressing down. If you are working and feel it is appropriate to wear a tighter maxi dress, try to tone it down with a nice jacket or even a scarf. The way you wear your hair will also affect the tone of your outfit. Wearing your hair down and natural will make the outfit more casual. There is also always the more bohemian style of maxi skirts that is less form fitting and maybe more appropriate for work.

If you are short or tall, maxi skirts and dresses can look beautiful on you. Do not be afraid to pair it with heels or wedges to lengthen your legs or if you are tall and do not wish to add to your height, flats or sandals look just as wonderful.

The most important thing to keep in mind when wearing a maxi skirt or dress is making sure it fits your body right and that you feel comfortable. When this is achieved, your maxi dress/skirt will be your new best friend and favorite outfit for any occasion.

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