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Tips From Décor Specialists to Use Rugs in Living, Dining or Bedroom

Quick Tips From Decor Specialists To Use Rugs In Living, Dining Or Bedroom

Rugs are considered important element in decorating any room because it completes the color scheme especially if there is a specific calm color scheme in rooms. There are wide range of textures that adds different tastes for each room and reflects a warm sense. Rugs confirms the room’s decoration especially the Arabian style.

Let us know the general rules on choosing the suitable dimensions before deciding to buy a rug and the best way of placement.

Rug in Bedroom
Rug in Bedroom

First: Choosing the suitable shape of rug for your room

The first standard of choosing the suitable rug for your room is deciding the suitable shape for it. Should it be circular, rectangular or squared? This decision depends on different factors including the design of the room, the style of furniture and the geometrical shapes contained in the upholstery fabrics or even the wallpapers and decorative frames. For example, circular rugs are suitable with circular dining tables while square or rectangular rugs are suitable with living rooms with rectangular or squared tables.

Rug in Living
Rug in Living

Second: Choosing the rugs dimensions with respect to the size of furniture

It is important to decide the right dimensions of the rug in your room to avoid looking small in large area that will look silly or too large in a small space that will give a sense of crowding. To avoid any mistake, start drawing sketches for arranging the furniture of room with vertical perspective; and writing the room’s dimensions and the space between the furniture pieces to determine the suitable dimensions of the rug.

Rug in Living
Rug in Living

Living Room:

  • Large rug: In case of using rug for covering large area of floor in living room, décor specialists advise leaving free space of 15-50 cm between borders of rug and the wall.
  • Small rug: The right dimensions of the living room’s rug should not be covering the floor under tea table only, but it should be extended to cover, at least, the front legs of sofa and armchairs.
Rug in Dining
Rug in Dining

Dining Room:

  • Larger than dining table: When you put a rug under dining table it should be covering the area under the chair’s legs of dining table in case of circulation, so it should be more than the dimensions of the table, at least of 60 cm from sides.
  • The shape of rug: The number of chairs and the shape of dining table are the determinants of the rug’s shape. For example, rectangular table is suitable for elliptical or rectangular dining table while it is not suitable for squared tables.



  • Large room: In bedrooms with large areas, décor specialists advise choosing large carpet that extend below the bed to cover an area of 60-90 cm for every side of bed to provide a covering area under feet.
  • Small room: In case the area of bedroom is limited, you can go for using a smaller rug that cannot be covering the entire floor under the bed that should be covering the area between end tables on sides to the end of bed edges with dimension of 60 cm from both sides.
  • Small rug: You can replace large rugs with a small rug to be placed between bed and the wall facing end tables.


General advice:

Before taking any decision for buying a rug, you can do a little test to assist you taking the right decision like adding an old blanket or cardboard with the size of the rug you want to buy to visualize the actual rug.

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