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Tips to Improve Men’s Elegance

Tips to Improve Men’s Elegance



Modern man’s clothes are the most important evidences on his elegance whether it was for formal or casual wears. Men should consider the following tips to be more elegant:

  • When you but a shirt, make sure that the sleeves’ length is suitable and it covers the wrists fully, so when you bend your arm it will not be loose or tiny on you. It should also appear with 2 inches from the jacket.
  • The well-cut collar should touch the front of the shirt and doesn’t move up when moving head. The ties should help also to keep it stable. The tie’s tie should be fixed in the triangle between the collar’s sides and to be fixed in that position.

Hence, we see that men’s elegance can be achieved with so easy steps.


Sandals and Socks:

Who have decided that this look is acceptable?

Men who like to wear sandals on socks hope that summer comes quickly or they feel chilly quickly, but wearing sandals over socks will not change the weather. You should decide whether you feel cold or hot. If you feel cold then sandals over socks will not prevent you from feeling cold and if you are feeling hot then you may make fun! Do you think that sandals over socks will reduce the heat even when you use ties, shirts and underwear? I don’t know what is funny behind wearing tie that has a smile symbol or underwear having small red hearts or even shirts with flying elephant! It is better to avoid shopping at these stores at all.

Don’t buy clothes with colors that you don’t like just because it is on sales promotion and you want to have a good bargain. Be focus and choose colors that suits your skin color, hair color and eyes color.


The Strange Pants:

Some people keep wearing the same pants all the time, maybe he wear other pants for one day only. The reason behind wearing one pair of pants only is still unknown. Throw away this pair of pants and buy many relaxing pants. Your closet should have at least three kinds of pants that includes cloth, jeans and linen. You should also have four essential colors including black, dark blue, brown and gray.


Decomposed jackets:

Some men insist on wearing one jacket during winter. Although what you wear behind the jacket looks unique, the jacked can spoil the entire look because you know the gift from its cover! Buy long and short jackets and choose two kinds of jackets, one is for rains and the other made of cloth in addition to another unique jacked made of leather.


Choosing the most suitable perfume:

There are several things should be taken into consideration when you but a perfume. Each kind gives you different feeling. For example, perfumes with the odor of flowers and fruits give you a sense of relaxation and freshness. Don’t be shy to try different perfumes in the store and ask for a sample of the perfume you want to take others’ opinions. When you are abroad, take the chance and try new perfumes because you will find several new perfumes. If you liked someone’s perfume it doesn’t mean that it is better for you, because the reaction between the skin and perfume varies between someone and another. Don’t just smell the perfume from the bottle, but add some on your skin and leave it for 10 minutes to know the actual odor.

Those with oily skin should use strong perfumes while those with dry skin should use light perfumes because the dry skin absorbs oils in the perfume. Light perfumes like flowers are suitable for summer while those heavy perfumes are suitable for winter because it gives sense of warm. You shouldn’t try perfumes in front of stoves or fireplaces or inside toilets. Try not to keep perfumes for more than 3 years. Don’t try more than 3-4 perfumes per time to avoid confusion.


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