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Tourism In United Arab Emirates

UAE Travel and Tourism

The Most Important Tourist Area in Emirates:

Emirates in the last few years was so interested in tourism sector, by developing advanced infrastructure and attendant to do the foreign tourists requirements, besides upgrading the services level in the hotel sector and convenient transportation, as well as making activities and festivals that has an obvious role in attracting tourists from around the world. Emirates is the most attractive country for the tourists in the Arab world, thanks to Dubai which gained its international fame, because of the fancy tourism, so, Emirates depends on tourism significantly now, as one of the most important non-oil sectors in the country. Currently, Emirates is one of the best ten tourist destination countries in the world according to World Tourism Organization, and the tourists who go to the country reach to 15.5 Million. That’s why Emirates topped up the most attractive destinations for family tourism list.

Recreational Tourism

Emirates has a lot of several global recreational tourism, it’s surrounded by pretty skyscrapers like Burj Al Arab, Emirates towers and Burj Khalifa which is the highest skyscraper in the world, and Dubai advertised about building Dubai Khor tower which is going to be the highest skyscraper, also there are commercials markets like Emirate Mall, the global village and  Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi which is the biggest closed entertainment city and the second biggest closed city, and Ferrari World and Dubai mall which is the biggest commercial market in the world, and Emirates is ready again to launch Mall “Dubai Square” the biggest shopping center in the world, Emirates has a lot of recreational destinations that the recreational facilities broke the record numbers in Emirates.

Cultural Tourism

Emirates contributed in developing cultural tourism in the last decades, Emirates characterized by Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, and it’s one of the most important museums in the whole world and Emirates also has Zayed National Museum, Al Ain National Museum, Al Mahatta Museum, Dubai museum, Sharjah Art Museum and Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization and Emirate of Sharjah has won the title ‘The Capital Of Arab Culture’ in 1998 and ‘The Capital of Islamic Culture’ in 2014 and ‘The Capital of the World Book’ in 2019, Emirates also has a lot of cultures like Umm al-Nar culture, Hafeet culture, Maliha culture and there are Archaeological areas like Abrak hill, Faya mountain, Hili Archaeological Park, Sir Bani Yas, Dibba Al-Fujairah and Dibba Al-Hisn

Medical Tourism

Emirates became regional treatment and beauty center thanks to the high quality of healthcare, short waiting periods and competitive prices and it’s considered as a perfect destination to the patients who’re aiming to have treatment abroad.

There is a wide network of hospitals and medical center around the country and it serves the best medical treatments. Also, there are routine progresses and cosmetic procedures, Emirates hosts specialized centers of services quality in


  • Cosmetic and elective surgeries
  • General tests & tumors diagnosis
  • Cancer diabetes

The most important tourist milestones in Emirates:

Abu Dhabi: The capital of the United Arab Emirates, which is located on Abu Dhabi Island, extends to land and surrounding islands. There are a lot of tourist attraction centers in Emirates and the most important are:

Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque was built based on the departed Zaid bin Sultan Al-Nahian instructions, this mosque is one of the main attractions in the country which has been designed in the highest architectural and aesthetic standards, The most fancy marbles, stones, gold, precious stones, crystal and ceramic have been used in building it

Emirates Palace

Emirates palace is managed by the global group of hotels (Kempinski), and its cost has reached about 3 billion dollars, this hotel is one of the fanciest hotels around the world and it has 400 rooms and suites, Marble and pure gold materials have been used in the interior design. Festivals and concerts are being made in the hotel overlooking the beach near Emirates Heritage Club Heritage Village & Grand Optics.

Al Maqta’a Fort

One of the heritage and antique milestones in Emirate of Abu Dhabi, It has been built since 200 years; to protect the Emirate from bandits attacks. Due to its heritage high value in the Emirate history, Al Maqta’a Fort underwent to important reparation processes in the last years, and this happened to most of the fortresses of the countries.

Emirates Heritage Club Heritage Village

It’s located near Marina Mall, and it has tents made of goats’ hair, and fireplace besides Arabian coffee kettles. The leaders care about defining the village visitors about their heritage by watching scenes to the process of extracting water from old wells and irrigation system, and scenes for mud homes, old fishing villages and old markets; just to let them know bedouins life who lived in Abu Dhabi.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

It’s the biggest closed city games in the world, it has a racetrack (Yas Marina) which hosts international Formula 1 race, and it’s located in Yas village in Abu Dhabi. It covers 200 thousand square meters, and it was opened in the end of 2010.

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

The first public hospital for falcons in Emirates, and it’s the biggest one in the world, it was opened in 1999, and it has a lot of sectors like: pet care center, tourism center, shaheen conference center, veterinary laboratory, and travel and tourism guide in Dubai


Weather in Dubai

Dubai is famous by its fresh weather through the year, and enjoying the sunlight and the fresh air, especially to the people who love visiting beaches and milestones, the best months to visit Dubai are between October and May.

In summer, the temperature increases to 50 Celsius.

Dubai is the second biggest Emirate located in east coast of the Arabian Peninsula In the southwestern corner of the Arabian Gulf, it’s specialized by its cultural diversity, and it has a lot of milestones which became symbol for its renaissance, and the marketing logo emirate around the world and the most important are:

Burj Khalifa

Currently, it’s the highest building in the world, it was officially opened in 2010, its height reaches 800 meters, and the tower’s total area reaches 4.000.000 square meters.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

The only hotel in the world categorized under (7) stars category, it was officially opened in 1999 costed 650 Million Dollar, it’s located in an industrial island 100 meters away from the beach.

Dubai Marina Marine

This area was built on Emirate beaches, it’s near from middle “New Dubai”, and it’s attached to Jebel Ali port, Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City, and American University in Dubai, this area has residential towers besides a lot of recreational places like cafes and hotels.

Dubai Metro

The first metro project in the country works without a driver; it attaches a lot of areas in the Emirate. When the project is done it will has 166 Kilometer railways, 77 stations and 9 of them will be under the ground.

Palm Jumeirah

The first island in the middle of the sea shaped as a palm, they started building this island in June in 2001. It includes Atlantis, The Palm hotel, which has 1.539 rooms. It was opened in 2009 with an area reaches about 46 hectare and only 17 hectare of water parks. It also has a park for sea animals includes 65.000 sea animal in shallow lakes and shows like missing rooms, maze of passages, and vents underwater offers a trip through old Atlantis.

Ski Dubai

” Ski Dubai is the 1st ski resort in Middle East and it is in Emirates Mall. The big ice area reaches to 22.500 square meters, covering 5 ski passages with different slopes.


it’s described as a cultural capital in Emirate; because it has a lot of Archaeology and historical milestones, Sharjah is the third biggest Emirate, it’s specialized by its pretty beaches in each sides of Coast of the Arabian Gulf and Oman Gulf, there’s also a lot of recreational places that became symbol in the last few years and the most important are:

Qasba Canal

It’s a water canal reaches about kilometer, it includes tourist facilities on its each sides like restaurants and fancy cafes that characterize the creation of heritage and modern architecture, there are also several games for children. Qasba Theater is enough for 300 people, there are musical and different plays in it, besides making shows and several activities organized by the local cultural and educational organizations, in 1500 square meter.

Emirates Eye Wheel

It’s considered as a major milestone in Qasba canal, and it’s the highest in the area which reaches to 60 meters and 42 air conditioned compartments; which provides people to discover the most amazing views in Sharjah and Dubai.

Sharjah Aquarium

It has over 250 different species, from little to big fish, there are also a lot of sea animals.

Arabian Wildlife Center

It was opened in 1999 and it has the animals who live in The Arabian Peninsula, the center provides cultural and scientific information besides all the picnic, enjoyable, comfort and entertainment means.


Ajman is the smallest one of the seven emirates (states) of the United Arab Emirates, located on the Arabian Gulf, It has an area of a mere 260 square kilometers, and it has the most important historical milestones through all the past years like Ajman Museum, it’s one of the most famous milestones in the Emirate, in the past it was a symbol to the political authority in the Emirate and its first line defense, it was used to protect the Emirate, and the fort turned to a museum as an order from Sheikh Hameed Ibn Rashed Al-Naimy who was a member of union supreme council and the Ajman governor, the museum has historical collectibles, made up tools and traditional occupations, and social life in the past.

Ras Al Khaimah

It’s located in the north of Emirate, it has 64 km of beach coastline, it’s known because of the historical monuments which its history attached to a lot of scenes that the area witnessed, and the most important milestones in the Emirate is Khatt and Nakhel, it also includes a lot of forts and old castles like: Daya fort, sheba Palace, Ras Al Khaimah monuments, Wadi Shah, Ras Al Khaimah, and there are also guard towers especially in the coast line.

Umm Al Quwain

It’s located in the north of the country, it has an area of 750 square km, and there are a lot of tourist areas and the most important areas are:


The garden covers 200 thousand meters along Umm Al Quwain beach, and its entertainment place includes the biggest city Aqua games in the area

Jazīrat as Sīnīyah

It’s the biggest tourists islands in the area, it covers 90 square km, it’s specialized by its natural beauty, there are seagulls, heron, rabbits and wild deer, and also there are few old Islamic archaeological places.


It’s lying along Oman Gulf on the east cost of Peninsula, it’s bordered by Oman Gulf in the east, and Ras Al Khaima and Sharjah in the west, and Kalba city in Sharjah from the south, and it’s, and overlooking the Oman coast. It’s lying along Oman Gulf with 70 km distance. Wadi Wurayah one of the most important tourists destinations with 45 km distance from the north, Masafi waterfalls is the most famous tourists destinations which pours its water in Wadi Siji which is the most beautiful Valley in Fujairah.

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