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Travel to The Sunny Charming Barcelona City in Spain

Travel Guide to Barcelona City in Spain with Tips and Advice

There are beautiful architecture, beautiful food, beautiful people, moments, and everything that makes life special if you live in Barcelona.

Definitely a city where deep breathe life and energy however charged the Catalan temperament from the first moment insinuates itself into every pore of the body , carries you through the wild areas of the city , organizes unforgettable moments, and does not let go long after returning home.

In Barcelona we decide to not visit so many attraction in the same day and do not run and chase them but we can allow to ourselves to enjoy in this fascinated city.

What to See in Barcelona

The list of attractions in Barcelona that are truly worth visiting is long. They had Gaudi who gave this city a special touch, and I am sure this metropolis something missing that this great artist was born somewhere else. But it’s not just in front of Gaudi whose work is breathtaking, but the building of such lesser-known architects at every step. If you like nice then wild in Barcelona does not stop.

Valid take time to Park Guell which is free but be prepared to push with the many tourists who come for the ideal photo from this park, the masterpiece Sagrada Familia, in that if you want to enter you must save the long hours of waiting, but also two beautiful houses that you can visit by walking near them such as Casa Batllo, and Casa Pedrera. There are not so many rows but are entering into the house around 20 euros per person.

Keep in mind that Barcelona very late, and to be somewhere up to 11 h in the morning, you can meet only confused tourists who have not yet fallen into the rhythm of the city late night dates, and late awakening.

Magnet for tourists is the famous fountain from Thursday to Sunday from 21 h to music inspires visitors from all over the world playing with light, and shapes. The proposal is to connect that evening tour of the Plaza Espana, and walk to the national palace above the fountain with whose terrace offers a truly magnificent view of the city. It’s nice to look at and a few minutes dancing fountains but do not expect too much spectacle. If you love the views from above and you want to see Barcelona in plain view then definitely do not miss the Montjuïc. The castle on the hill above Barcelona which you can reach the bus that goes to Plaza Espana, or tram which runs from El Raval, or even a cable car.

Places to Relax and Enjoy

If you let yourself be guided by the city will discover magical places, small restaurants, bars and beautiful squares where hours pass like seconds while you enjoy watching the enthusiastic people who like you explore playful city. At such places we encountered especially in parts of the city El Gothic and El Born. One such is the Plaza de Santa Maria, square and alternating street artists and where you can drink a glass (or more excellent wine which are cheap and with no expensive price. La Rambla, though one of the most famous street, not overly interesting unless you love crowds and pushing with the other tourists. Barcelona has a 4.2 km sandy beach only 10 minutes from the city center. Although during our stay the sea was still too cold to swim, the sun has attracted a large number of locals and tourists who are sunning and relaxing in the warm sand. In Barcelona you can find several parks that are ideal to relax and unwind from the long walks. One is the Parc de la Cuitadella near the zoo, but is near to centre of Barcelona too, and several green areas where at any time of the day the people lounging, resting and enjoying the moment.

Delicious Food at Every Step in Barcelona City

In Barcelona you will not go hungry, because in almost every café, and bar have always and good delicious food. Excellent restaurant for pinchos, and tapas the Bilbao Berria in which we can one day return twice. Select the “snacks ” that best look , you eat as much as you can, and want to eat, and in the end the waiter added you up some sticks and your bills. Each wand is 1.65 euros. If you are in a lunchtime stroll in the city where the beach, has an interesting restaurant Taverna de Mercat Elguindilla ( Plaza Poeta Bosco 2 ) with delicious, and traditional specialties in a very pleasant surroundings with optimistic messages on the walls of the restaurant , in order to truly prepared a positive atmosphere to every guest .But most of the other restaurants in Barcelona, charged 10-15 % more if you sit outside in the garden of the restaurant.

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