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Traveling to Madrid in Spain

Trip To Madrid City In Spain

 Madrid is rich, sophisticated city that exudes style (this is true for buildings and for residents). At the entrance you are welcomed by classic residential areas with long buildings that are hidden behind a row of trees.

At the heart of the Plaza Mayor, previously the scene of bullfighting, there is  now like a haven of so many  walkers who lounging in the gardens of so many cafes.

The largest building is Royal Palace: The residence of the King of Spain with more than a hundred rooms which you can visit.

It looks grandiose inside and out, and if you paid a tourist tour you will see the glory of pictures that adorn its walls and see a weapon worthy of kings. The best impression leaves the throne room from the time of King Carlos the Third.

Museums in Madrid

God forbid you should not miss a visit to the famous Prado Museum, which is part of the “golden trio “with the “Reina Sofia” and “Thyssen Bornemisza “.

These houses are home to the right art treasures – masterpieces of European creativity , such as ” The Annunciation ” Fra Angelico , ” Christ washing the feet of the apostles ” of Tintoretto , ” Descent from the Cross ” Roger van der Weyden and Rubens ” The Three Graces “.

In order not to waste by the vast stretches of the museum, it is preferable to choose a tour that suits your needs – choose between a tour of 15, 30 and 50 works of art.

Good to know that from Tuesday to Saturday after 18 hours of free admission

Madrid cannot boast a large number of attractions, such as is the case with Barcelona , so that the three-day tour will be quite enough for any average tourist.

Modern Madrid

If you scratch the surface, you will find the wonderful and friendly people who are, of course, in love with football. There are two big Spanish clubs – Real and Barca. In their rivalry, probably rests the whole essence of football, but also the cities in which they are stationed. Two great teams and rivals in Madrid Real Madrid to Santiago Bernabeu (Santiago Bernabeu) stadium and Atletico Madrid (Stadium Vicente Calderon).

How to Visit Madrid

Madrid Metro is probably the best way of visiting the Spanish capital. It’s clean and efficient means of transport will not wait more than five minutes during the day , or 15 minutes at night ( open until 1:30 ) . The ticket for one zone ( it is desirable to choose a zone A where the majority of attractions ) costs only one euro. However, you can select the ticket for ten rides, which cost 6.70 euros. Tickets can be purchased at vending machines at stations, kiosks or ticket services.

Sightseeing in Madrid

You can choose one of two specific routes. The first takes you through the historical sites – the Royal Palace and Pardo and with it gives you an amazing view of the architecture of the Gran Vía.

Another route takes you through the modern Madrid, with emphasis on the 19th century and the period after. You will enjoy everything – from the view of the beautiful home in the suburbs of Salamanca, to the skyscrapers in the north of the city, including the Santiago Bernabeu.

While visit Madrid for more than 2 days you can buy called “Madrid map” with which you these free tours, as well as a tour of most museums. One day costs 42 euros or 55 euros for two days.

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