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Traveling To New York: Why Are Serviced Apartments The Best

Heritage Collection Apartments in NYC


A serviced apartment offers all of the conveniences of a home without the hassles of upkeep. Especially if it comes with a professional housekeeper trained to understand your preferences like Heritage Collection Apartments in NYC do.


A serviced apartment usually has a fully equipped kitchenette with an electric stove, microwave oven, and refrigerator.


The promise of certified sanitized rooms, safe distancing measures, bookings flexibility, and more provides peace of mind in these difficult times.


There is a strong commitment to maintaining the best levels of hygiene, cleanliness, and service for the well-being and safety of visitors, in addition to round-the-clock concierge services and security.


So, if you are traveling to NYC for the first time, try booking one of the serviced apartments.


Let’s find out why.

1: New Normal Regulations

Travelers’ primary priorities these days are safe and hygienic conditions. These facilities are disinfected on a regular basis, and the temperatures of the personnel and guests are taken.


Entry is restricted to only those who are welcome and well, thanks to round-the-clock security and a 24-hour concierge desk.


So that you may relax entirely, these apartment authorities take hygiene very seriously.

2: Too Much Space

Space is the greatest luxury, and most of the serviced apartments in NYC have enough of it.


From modest studios and one-bedroom flats to large three-bedroom homes and even duplex penthouses, there’s something for everyone.


Because a serviced apartment is often larger than a hotel room, there is little risk of developing cabin fever. In addition, there is the possibility of entertaining visitors. So, if you happen to make a friend in New York, spend some time with him in your new apartment.

3: Personalized Service

The housekeeping team consists of seasoned experts, including a specialized housekeeper who has been educated to understand your preferences.


They are dedicated to addressing individual requirements and preferences, such as finding the ideal pillow from a large selection of pillows graded for firmness and health benefits.


Alternatively, creating customized meals for those with unique dietary requirements is also their specialty. If you’d prefer a local’s perspective on the city, they can even tailor a tour for you accordingly.

4: Eating Inside The Room

The kitchens in the serviced apartment are fully equipped with cookware, tableware, and cleaning supplies.


In your huge flat, you may make everything from popcorn to full-course dinners. Cooking for oneself also accommodates a larger range of diets, particularly if you want to eat healthily or simply crave a flavor of home.


If you’re short on time and prefer to order in, many serviced apartments provide a variety of dining options, including local favorites and foreign specialties.

5: Filled With Amenities

Apart from the normal amenities like plush mattresses, sofas, and rain shower, you have the option of personalizing the flat with your own art collection or favorite furnishings.


A serviced apartment with wellness services, such as an in-house fitness center, swimming pool, or sauna and spa, is ideal for those planning a longer stay.


It is an iconic retreat space with massage chairs, golf simulators, personal trainers, and even an indoor ski slope.

6: Pets & Kids Are Always Welcome

Parents can go ahead and do their thing in NYC without worrying about their kids.


The kids’ pool, playground, and babysitter services are among the child-friendly amenities available in the best NYC serviced apartments.


If you have a pet, though, they are welcome as well, albeit not in the pool. You can allow your furry friend to accompany you in a pet-friendly serviced apartment. There are plenty of them in NYC, so you won’t have hard luck finding one.

Get Moving!!!

So, what are you waiting for?


Start checking the best-serviced apartments in NYC, and plan your trip NOW.


We’re sure you will enjoy your stay in these places, and we can’t wait to hear how much you’ve liked them.


So, book one apartment now, and share your experience with us in the comment box.


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