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Traveling to Turkey

Traveling to Turkey


Travel Turkey Tours

Nearing the holiday season, it’s time for accurate information about destinations that are popular with domestic tourists. Today I present information about Turkey.


Turkey Travel Guide

Forget the stereotypes of “Midnight Express” – Turkey is a country that is rapidly modernizing. With one foot Turkey is in Europe and second in the Middle East. It is not just the grand orient, full of mystery, intrigue and dervishes, but also fragrant swirl of history versus accelerated today.

Turks have an indisputable reputation on host nations, national cuisine is great, the coast like a fairytale, and many Turkish cities are full of spectacular mosques and forts. Despite the fact that the coast is more popular among tourists, Turkey is still one of the cheapest destinations in the Mediterranean.

In Turkey, you can do amazing variety of activities, including golf holidays in Turkey . From water sports, walking along mountain paths and archeology to night clubs, trips down the rivers, and drinking brandy. Whether you go from Turkey suitcases full of incredible carpets and amulets, images of historical monuments, or just tanned skin, you will probably want to go back there again.


Holiday in Turkey

Ankara 1 Day

The capital city of Turkey is an Ankara, sprawling urban mass in the middle of the steppes of Central Anatolia. Ankara is very different from the Angora Ottoman town that was once on the site, as well as a quiet place known for its goat wool sweater. There are several interesting places to see, but there it is worth to spend a day or two.

Most visitors first went to Hisar, the Byzantine fortress on the hill east of the old town and the nearby Museum of Anatolian Civilization. Slightly further south is Atatürk’s mausoleum, monumental buildings, simple but beautiful, which reflects the architecture of several great Anatolian empire.


Antalya 2-3 Day

Antalya is the main town on Turkey’s central Mediterranean coast. In addition to having a few kilometers of gravel beaches and ancient Roman – Ottoman core, Antalya is a good place from where you can explore the quieter coastal towns, and spectacular ancient sites in the region.

Side, 75km east of Antalya, is becoming increasingly popular coastal town that was once a love nest of Mark Antony and Cleopatra. Alanya, 115km east of Antalya another place full of sand and sun, where you will have the feeling that you have come to the mini Miami. Patara is a party town, and is located a few hundred kilometers southwest of Antalya.


Bodrum 4-5 Day

The most beautiful tourist destination in the South Aegean, Bodrum has a yacht marina, and port for ferries carrying on the Greek island of Kos. By Gulf coast there are so many palm trees, a stone villas and White House covering the hill above the sea. Boating, swimming, and diving are the main activities in Bodrum.

Discos bars throughout the night, and most of the city falls asleep just before dawn. And Turkish and foreign tourists complain about the noise, and cacophony, but locals discourage “If you want peace, and quiet, why did you come to Bodrum?”.


Ephesus, or Efes 6 Day

Efes is one of several hundred Turkish ancient sites and ruins from the classical era, is the largest and best preserved. Indeed, it is the most interesting ancient city on the Mediterranean. Efes once called Ionia, vivid cultural center during the Greek empire, and boiling provincial capital of the Roman time.

Temple of Diana was one of the seven wonders of the world, and the city is known for its richness and beauty.


Istanbul 7-8 Day

Wordy on both sides of Bosphorus, and is full of mosques and minarets, Istanbul is one of the most romantic cities in the world. It used to be Byzantium, Constantinople, however, then the capital of the Ottoman Empire, and today a cultural center of Turkey.

The heart of Istanbul is historic Sultan Ahmed Mosque is the oldest part of the city which is located on the site of the former Byzantine Hippodrome. The city is best visited on foot, considering that most of the attractions within walking distance. If you like the legs ached from walking too close to always let the tea Bahco (teahouse).


Valley Devrent 9 Day

Many valleys in the area of Cappadocia boast peculiar volcanic rocks, but the valley near Aktepe in northern Cappadocia, known as the Valley of the Fairy chimneys, has the most interesting form. While geologists in the capital to deal with the effects of differential erosion at that point, everyone else just like their unusual shape


Gallipoli Peninsula 10 Day

Gallipoli is a place of large heavy battles, but is best known for the First World War and the chaotic battle Ataturk troops and allies forces. Today the battlefields of Gallipoli quiet place covered with thorny bushes, pine forests and agricultural fields, but this strategic peninsula has always kept the keys of Istanbul.

In order to visit all the places in Gallipoli need a lot of time, especially if you are not with your own transport (the northernmost of the battlefield to the southern part of the peninsula has more than 35 km). Two of the best base for touring the Gallipoli Canakkale on the east coast, and Çanakkale to the west, and both are involved in organized tours.


Harran 11 Day

Harran, in the Kurds southeast Anatolia, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places on the planet. The city looks so ancient that it is not hard to believe that Abraham was one of its first inhabitants.

Some residents still live in houses made of mud in the form nests and engage in a little farming, a little ride. On the eastern side of the city is the castle, and in Ulu Cami Mosque from the 8th century, has a good mosaic.


Troy 12 Day

Compared to Ephesus, Troy is pretty nice place. Some say that is wrong with Brad Pitt who run around, others say that the film is only increased its popularity.

Troy is a city of a great battle between the Achaeans (Greeks) and Troy in the 13th century BC. The excavations, which were organized by Schliemann and others, it was revealed nine ancient cities, one above the other, dating from 3000 BC. Troy VI (1800-1275 c. AD) is a city of Priam, and the city that was involved in the Trojan War.

For lovers, Troy is something quite special, but if you have not read the Iliad, or if you are not a fan of archeology, probably will not be much fun in Troy. Apart from the obvious replica of the Trojan horse, amateur eye will little note. That is to say, this is where it happens, one of the biggest stories in the world, so it is enough just to feel the atmosphere.


Belek 13 Day

Is a new, modern holiday village located 30 km east of Antalya. This place makes the most luxurious hotels on the long sandy beaches, surrounded by pine trees, eucalyptus and beautifully landscaped gardens. Belek is famous for its fine golf courses on which are held numerous world championships in golf.


Kusadasi 14- 15 Day

Is located on the northern coast of the Aegean Sea. From Izmir, one of the major Turkish cities, is located 90 km from the airport in Bodrum about 150 km. City name comes from a small island called “bird island” with which it is connected narrow causeway. From a small fishing village has grown into a major tourist centers, not the Aegean coast of Turkey, that the season is visited by half a million tourists.

Many nations have marked the history of Kusadasi – Greeks, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, as evidenced by many archaeological finds in the environment of the city. The ancient fortress of the fifteenth century is situated next to the beach and is a symbol of the city. Spirit of the Ottoman Empire can be felt at every step – walking the cobblestone streets, one of the shops and enjoy the specialties of Turkish cuisine. Kusadasi adorned with seven beautiful beaches, national parks, numerous restaurants, bars Turkish to which you can easily get low-Dolmus buses. The city center is a dynamic, full of different places to hang out while out of town is a large number of hotels and beach in a quiet environment.

Fethiye are a representative example of the coastal cities of western Turkey. Formerly known as an important trading port, but today it is more prestigious resort that wins the beauty of untouched nature and dense pine forests and endless sandy and pebble beaches. On the coast, 12 kilometers from the center of the Olu Deniz – Blue Lagoon, officially the most beautiful and most photographed beaches in this part of the Mediterranean.


What to Eat in Turkey!

Turks eat fish in a very simple way to highlight its natural flavor. Most often it is grilled fish, lightly seasoned with lemon juice with the addition of bay leaf.

Be sure to drink that Turks drink with fish is “raki”, Turkish brandy that is mixed with drinking water. Turkey brandy made from aniseed, a flavor reminiscent of the French pasta, or Greek ouzo. Evidence of how the Turks enjoy the mix of fish – brandy is the expression “raki – balik”, which means an invitation to socialize in a restaurant where they can eat various seafood specialties and drink brandy until late at night. We strongly recommend that you try the “karides güveç” (prawns stored in clay jars with tomatoes, mushrooms and baked with cheese), or fried calamari which was served with a fantastic sauce, and really melts in your mouth. There are different recipes, fresh vegetables, delicious meat specialties, irresistible sweets, unavoidable “pilaf” (“rice”), and a host of other aroma and taste that with anything you will encounter walking the streets of Istanbul. Even though eating “feet” Turks are making sure that all the information entered is tasty and healthy.

Meat lovers should not glitches “döner kebab”. And it is one of the most common street offer. It is a traditional Turkish fast food while not unhealthy.

Another of meat dishes for which all the crazy Turks “durum”. It is the Turkish version tortillas stuffed with grilled roasted meats. Over meat usually puts tomatoes, onions and lettuce.

“Kokorec” would be a real famous dish. This is a typical Turkish specialty that is hard to find anywhere abroad.

“Simit” – sesame bagel with a lot of offers you at every step

As far as drinks are not here nothing is missing. During winter evenings are traditionally sold Boza. The potion is thick and mostly drunk with a little cinnamon over. “Sahlep” hot drink that is produced from special types of orchids, after which the drink was named (sahlep – orchid) In addition to these hot beverages, Turks are crazy for fresh squeezed juices. Do not miss to taste freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.


Enjoy your trip!!


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