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Unique Fashion with Clout CTRL

Unique Fashion with Clout CTRL

Mugzy McFly Being Interviewed

Q. Tell us about the Savior Tour and why you decided to start up this project?

A. The Savior Tour hits Miami this month for one day only. It’s a really unique pop-up experience featuring independent black fashion designers and designed to help elevate small businesses. The pop-up market offers people the opportunity to check out unique fashion finds from a whole host of up-and-coming designers of color. It basically started as a manifestation of creative, designer friends trying to expand. There’s no better engagement than actually being in person. So we wanted to go to other cities & literally touch people. The experience of getting to look, see and feel something in person is everything in the business of fashion.

Q. Tell me about your business and how did you get started in the fashion industry?

A. As a teenager Growing up in the Bronx, New York, I had a deep appreciation for fashion.  I started experimenting with creative design and hand-making apparel to match my favorite sneakers. I grew up tough but I still wanted to look good. I couldn’t afford to buy much  so instead I created it. I owned three pairs of pants and would rotate them strategically to hide my limited wardrobe.
As I got older, I started doing some modeling for local fashion companies and I realized for the first time that fashion could be a real career

Q. What other projects are you currently working on?

A. Currently I’m trying to expand into making more footwear. It’s a huge influence of mine entering into fashion. I’m also working on improving my store, Clout CTRL ( houses only independent brands, I want to get it more recognition and build it as a platform to highlight up and coming talent.

Q. What are some trends for 2021?

A. I think minimal designs will be in. Less logos & more chic simplicity. I see earth tones & more casual colors being a thing.  Personally I love to design pants. I’m not a huge fan of jeans, I’m a “cozy boy” at heart. And I think most people have embraced functional cozy clothes that still look cool during this time. For me finding different fabrics, cuts & styles to make pants is always fun.

Q. Can you share some tips for other creatives thinking about starting their own business?

A. Stop waiting for the right time and just start. I’m self-taught, I started small experimenting and just learned things on the fly. I went from just printing designs to more complex embroidery stitching to actually doing the cutting and sewing all the way to creating technical footwear now. One of my first designs was a slogan T-Shirt that said “More Dreams, Less Sleep” which is our company motto today.



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