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Visit Beautiful Budapest – Travel and Tourism Guide

Visit Beautiful Budapest - Travel and Tourism Guide

Budapest is “Queen of the Danube” a city of many spas, and former capital of the kingdom of Hungary. Beautiful in all seasons, decorated for Christmas, dancing for the New Year, or flowering in the spring, is a place that needs to be seen.

Buda and Pest, the two towns merged into one unit one on a hill, and the other in the valley. On the Buda side can get there by funicular (Budapest Castle Hill Funicular), which you brought to Várhegy, part of which is under the protection of UNESCO.

Buda Castle – Castle on the hill – a place you can call the old city of Buda – for centuries been a cultural and strategic center of the city. View Pest that stretches from Fisherman’s Bastion is truly spectacular.

The Royal Castle – The enormous building at the southern end of the hill fortress has been a royal palace, with different styles and looks over the historical period. There are Historical Museum of Budapest, the Hungarian National Gallery and the Széchenyi National Library

Fisherman’s Bastion: This is favorite place in Budapest, here you can feel great, and everything is so old-fashioned and unusual! Otherwise, Fisherman’s tower is often the first stop station tourists visiting Budapest. When you see it, you’ll understand why. Fishermen tower provides the chance to with an elevated places throw an unusual view of the city. The towers and walls look like a medieval, but are actually built only in 1902 as a supplement to Matthews church.

Gellert Hill : Can be seen from all parts of Budapest, with its impressive Statue of Liberty on its top, and represents one of the landmarks of the city worth mentioning. 14-meter-high monument was originally given to build Miklos Horthy as a memorial to his son, who was killed during the war as a member of the Air Force. When the Russians arrived in town, they have given to the propeller, which is supposed to figure that holds high, replace with a list of palm trees, which indicates a symbol of liberation of the country from Nazi occupation. Behind the monument is a fortress built by the Habsburgs. Currently there is located an open air museum that celebrates the history of this hill.

Vaci Street: Is a central promenade in Budapest and certainly the most famous street. Despite being one of the most visited tourist sites during the season, a real impression you will still experience at the end of the season (early spring or mid-autumn), when undisturbed, you can admire the historic buildings and monuments. The length of about 500 meters there is a handful of boutiques world’s most famous brands, restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops and many historic buildings.

In Budapest you can eat good and varied at every step.  In the city you can eat in many different forms. Goulash dish, you need to try in a fine little restaurant in one of the cross streets of Vaci street. All in wood, checkered tablecloths, fine waiters, two of stew, beer and water 19 euro. Try sausages in the marketplace. The whole upper floor is a small fast food self-service .Is delicious for very little money.  At each step of the McDonald’s and Big Burger. Only a little expensive in the Vaci Street (coffee and cola ten euros) All in all there for every taste and pocket. Budapest is beautiful, enjoy it and the food is the last for what should take care.

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