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Visit Monte Carlo – Travel Guide

Best Trip to Monte Carlo - Family Vacation

City on a rocky shore of the Mediterranean, which is free from tax and have offers more for casinos, and exclusive boutiques. In truth, it is necessary to allocate more money if you want to enjoy some of the spectacular fashionable hotel, but the beauty of nature, historic buildings, cultural events and entertainment is no competition when it comes to Monte Carlo. it is just one of the safest cities in the world, and the police as a rule, speak two foreign languages.

Monte Carlo is the most luxurious and most famous neighborhood of Monaco. It is dominated by the same name casino, in the front are four-wheelers parked from world’s most famous brands. The wall on which the casino there is a marina, so that customers who wish to avoid the paparazzi in a casino can enter yachts! Across the street is a luxury hotel “Di Pari”, and on the right titled cafe, in which attracts all those who care about being seen. For mere mortals it is much more accessible casino “Di Pari”, in which the slot machines invested five euros can earn ten times larger price.

The two most popular events in the Grand Prix of Formula 1 and Monte Carlo Rally; for the purposes of this contest will close all streets and squares . Monte Carlo Casino is one of the most famous and most glamorous casinos in the world, and elegant clothing is required if you want to enter into it. This fashionable principality government Grimaldi family, which is located in the Palais du Prince in the center of Monaco. Its 15 rooms open to the public and tourists are drawn to the daily changing of the guards at exactly 11:55 hours. There she lived and Hollywood star Grace Kelly (Grace Kelly), Princess of Monaco, who was killed in a tragic car accident on 14 September 1982. Serpentine where he lost his life leads to the interior and visit the hundreds of tourists, as well as the grave of Grace Kelly in the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas.

There are living or staying famous, of princes and princesses, to actors and athletes, most of it is impossible to meet because everything is done to enjoy and (not) care about their bank accounts. Francesco Grimaldi Maliqi arrived first, in the 13th century …

Monte Carlo is home to the famous track where it is held Formula 1 race – the Monaco Grand Prix (Formula One Monaco Grand Prix). Race through the streets of Monte Carlo is very exciting, because visitors can follow the action at close range and therefore is a great attraction to visit Monte Carlo just at that time. 3340 meters long track riders during the race cross 78 times and it contains many of the curve, so it reasonably believes to be the most challenging in the world.

When you stop by one of the restaurants (well prepare you for what you will see the price list), be sure to try some of their specialties. There are Barbarian – types pastries stuffed with rice and pumpkin, then Fugas – especially cakes decorated with walnuts, almonds and aniseed, Soka – species of succulent pancakes, Stokafi – dried cod cooked in tomato sauce.

Prestigious boutiques at every step, and Hermes, Gucci, Chanel, YSL, Prada, Bulgari, Cartier and Chopard stores offer the latest collections of clothing. Boutique du Rocher (1 Avenue de la Madone) opened the Grace Kelly sixties; it offers a large selection of art objects, crystal, picture frames, and other works by local artists. Supa Monte Carlo is one of the local specialties, a prescription for it is very simple Cook the asparagus and mash, and then continue to cook on a little butter. Add a little water, then peas and cream. Season are desired. Before serving, sprinkle with chopped parsley.

To visit Monte Carlo is good any time. The whole Cote d’Azur attracts a bunch of rich people with precious yachts, so you may have to call you to join them on one of their fun.

Otherwise, Monte Carlo has a total population of about 15,000, not only in areas where there is Le Grand Casino, but it includes the fourth Saint Michel, Saint- Roman / women and Larvotto Beach.

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