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Visit Peaceful Vatican City in Rome

Vatican City Guided Tour

Vatican City, or Vatican City real name is almost the smallest country in the world. This city – state was created in 1929 as a successor to the once powerful and great Papal States. Vatican City is home to 800 inhabitants, of which only half has officially Vatican citizenship. Vatican is located on the Vatican hill in the western part of Rome.

As part of the Vatican are St. Peter’s Basilica, Peter, museums and gardens. You often hear that it is the smallest country with the largest church in the world. The seat of the Catholic Church, and is leader Pope. Since 1984, the Vatican is under the protection of UNESCO.

When you go to the Vatican to remember two things: do not carry unnecessary metal objects and get dressed appropriately (cover shoulders and knees) otherwise, will not let you in the Basilica or anywhere else. Here respect is very important.

Entering inside the monumental building right you immediately greeted by Pieta, show Mary with the dead Jesus in her arms, protected by a glass box. A further inland really do not know what you saw before, what paint, where stopped, in which detail stared. Otherwise, I liked what allows painting the interior in all basilicas. Grandiose, at length, the width, with countless statues, frescoes, altars … you have to see it to believe that such a thing exists.

High above rises a magnificent dome that we have decided to climb. Red was lengthy, but dignity is waiting for you. Do not be fooled by the possibility of saving 2 EUR and decide to climb up to the end of all the stairs without using elevator. Cause after you lift picked up three floors, at a level below the dome itself (here you have the opportunity to observe from above and inside the basilica anthila people are  in it, as well as Michelangelo’s work at close range) you still have 320 steps to the top.

I do not have any, almost as well shoot me too narrow and sometimes crooked staircase, started working my claustrophobia. So, give yourself these two Euros, you pay the full price of 7 EUR and save at least the lower three floors.

At the top I went pale when the quilt, corpse, fast heart rate, but the view from above that provided was a marvelous experience. It paid off. Rome in plain view, and the view of the Piazza San Pietro, Passetto, and Castel Sant’Angelo you take away what little breath you have left after climbing.

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