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Visit The Magic Venice

The Magic Venice City - Travel Guide

Venice is one of the unique city in this world, built on 118 small islands in the lagoon at the mouth of the river Brenta in the Venice lagoon, with canals instead of streets. Along the canal is the series of churches and palaces, first-class values ​​, which form a unique urban complex. Due to the work of Venice and its canals were declared UNESCO World Heritage monument.

The city on the water Venice is spread over 118 islands of the Venice lagoon in the northern Adriatic Sea. There are mixed salty but sweet river water which, their mouths bring the Po and Piave. Modern historians believe that the first settlements on the ground raised by residents of cities of Padua, Aquileia and Altino, fleeing the onslaught of the Germans and Huns in the fourth and fifth centuries. Good geographical position – sufficient distance from the mainland and destructive gangs, and sheltered from the open sea island Lido – have greatly contributed to the economic and political development of entire regions.

When you embark on a tour of the Grand Canal, that has  form of the ” s ” word, breaking through the middle of the city , see the bifurcation smaller channels which forever sail -lauded Venetian gondolas. Access to many houses available is almost the only channel. Driving Grand Canal during the day is interesting. There are housed many replace the building, but is more attractive at night – Channel is richly illuminated, and provides a magic picture.

The palace Vendramin: last days is spent and died the great composer Wagner in 1883 . Behind the palace is the former Jewish quarter “ghetto “in which they were isolated. Nearby is a large church of the Madonna del Orte with frescoes Tintoretto, Titian with the greatest Venetian painter. They called him a younger brother the great Michelangelo Florence. In addition to other image that is his Last Judgment and Introducing the Virgin in the Temple with him are very strong contrasts of light and dark. In this church Tintoretto is buried.

After the Museum of Natural Sciences, big and beautiful palace in the Byzantine – Venetian style, which was once a hangout ii warehouse for Turkish merchants, comes across a beautiful baroque palace Pesaro. There is a gallery of paintings and Oriental Museum. One of the most beautiful private palazzo Ca d’Oro (Golden House), it is external appearance magnificent gothic palace, draws sighs tourists. Inside is even more decorated (built in the fifteenth century). Inside the gallery located Frankel.

The Renaissance palace Fondaco dei Tedeschi, inn and warehouse for the German merchants in the Middle Ages , near the ornate Rialto Bridge, the largest in Venice . This bridge with its elegant, curved shape is one of the most beautiful attractions of Venice. On the bridge is a multitude of small shops, handbags and jewelry.

It should be noted and the church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, where the graves of prominent Venetians (among other things here is the mausoleum of Titian.

On leaving the canal on the right side of famous church Santa Maria della Salute. She was built in the 17 – th century. Church of the Baroque style, with its harmonious portal and a dominant dome operates impressive. The church has several Titian, and Tintoretto with image. Tintoretto’s murals, and canvases covered hundreds of churches, palaces and schools rightly called historian in the image of Venice.

Piazza San Marco: In this square – one of the most beautiful in the world – there is so much interesting architectural buildings, all well blended into a single unit, that the man at first in doubt what to look before.

Church of San Marco: Among the most beautiful Italian churches and is one of these. Building began in the ninth century to the relics of St. deposited. Mark, whose bones were brought traders from Alexandria.  Sent Mark was taken to the patron state, but it has since called the Republic of Sent. Brand

Doge’s Palace

On the square, near the church of Saint Mark is an enormous Doge’s Palace. It has three wings, and on the fourth side is the church of Sent. Brand. The east side is right on the coast.

Bridge of Sighs and constipation:

On the bridge, and its tied the Doge’s palace to the prison, through a close set of channels are narrow stone lattice. They say that the prisoners (and usually never again did not return to freedom) passing over the bridge threw view sighing for free life.

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