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Welcome The Spring with Rainbow Colors

Welcome The Spring with Rainbow Colors


Spring colors are characterized with brightness, and positive effect. It’s placed over limited areas to give a sense of enlargement, and comfort to people in these areas.


How to place spring colors in living room?

Rainbow colors such as white, pink, green, blue, red, and orange is the dominant colors for spring furniture’s cloth. The following are some tips on how to place these colors in living room:

1-It is recommended to choose quiet, and natural color such as; light green mixed with white at cloth that has large leaves, or different shapes then it should be supported with accessories, or art works.

2-Yellow, and gray is very suitable for this space, whether it was horizontal, or vertical lines.

3-Light blue is suitable for some sofas as it should have a blue mixed with white with any shapes without omission the walls to be painted with white, and the floors should be covered with light wood. There should be also a round table from natural wood to be put in front of main sofa, and medium-sized artwork that is colored with spring colors, and dried plants, or tree branches.

4-Orange color spread positive energy over the place, especially if it was merged with flowers, or natural shapes. It is used also for main sofas as the wall behind this sofa should have small artworks that are spread in random way with green, or fuchsia pillows.


To complete the look of your spring house…

-You can choose the decoration of dining table from garden inspiration:  walls can have beige, or light pink scale, and the chairs’ cloth should be mixed between pink, and light green as the chairs should be white, and the table should be dark brown like tree branches. Carpet should be brown also big fur in the middle of the room. The artworks should be on a specific wall with colors such as; grey, brown, or orange scales.


-In master bedroom you can choose dark-red for the furniture and choose red merged with beige, or white for curtains, sofas, or chairs that gives romantic sense to the place. You should place red, and white flowers over white, and roundtable to complete the scene!

Welcome the Spring with Rainbow Colors
Welcome the Spring with Rainbow Colors

-Kids bedrooms should have garnished wallpaper with pink, or orange color at the wall behind the bed, and the other walls should be white in addition to the floor. Small pillows, colored with the one-wall color should be spread also with white, pink, orange, green, or gray curtains. 


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