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What Do you Need to Visit in Istanbul!

Hagia (Aja) Sophia

Istanbul is the successor of the ancient capital of the Byzantine Empire, which with over 1123 years of existence the longest existent empire of humanity. Throughout history Istanbul was celebrated, burned and conquered. Cultural center, shops, a crossroads of civilizations, and religions have always, and the center of the world for more than a millennium. Quite sufficient argument is reason why need to visit. They call it the only city on two continents, Constantinople today is known like Istanbul.

Before we describe what it is that necessarily must see in Istanbul, a few sentences about the size of this metropolis.

Panorama of Istanbul is the best with the Galata Tower. Today modern Istanbul consists of European and Asian part that connects the Bosphorus Bridge. The European part is divided into old, and new part which separates the historic bay of the Golden Horn and Galata Bridge which are connected them.

Statistics show that today Istanbul has more than six million people, with over a hundred thousand tourists a day. Despite its size, it is not expensive metropolis, fully adapted to the masses of tourism, and about everything you can negotiate with the Turks. There’s a lot to see, try, buy and experience for a reasonable price.

Incredibly dynamic city, a true megalopolis, and this is what is new, and particularly interesting in Istanbul follow on our video guide, in the section on Turkey travel books. Tourist guide is constantly updated diligently selected, and above all meaningful stories with selected travel from all parts of Turkey. Another pragmatic advice is as follows: photography is allowed everywhere in Istanbul. So you carry spare batteries and enough memory, because after a long time only the image again updated the emotion experienced.

1 ) Hagia (Aja)  Sophia: Once the largest Christian church in the world , and the largest mosque , now a museum – the time required for entrance and tour is about an hour – the entrance is paid 20 lira. See detailed report on the forum. It is not pleasant to see the remains of the mosaic covered with arabesques, but history has done its job.

2 ) Three Obelisks: The first obelisks locations are trademarks of Istanbul and they are located side by side , on a plateau known as Sultan Ahmed.

3) The Roman Underground Water Tank “Basilica Cistern “, the folder labeled Yerebatan – located across from the Hagia  (Aja) Sophia, ie. across from the main street in this part of the city, which passes light metro – the time required for entrance, tour and coffee (even in the middle of it underground and make coffee) is half an hour to 40 minutes – admission is paid 10 lira; MUST visit, the environment is quite unreal. Half an hour spent there leaves a very strong impression.

4) The Blue Mosque (Blue Mosque): One of the three largest mosque in Turkey, and the only addition to those in Mecca with six minarets and beautiful inside and out, be sure to enter, relaxing course required, is obtained bags for shoes – the time required for input and a tour of 20 minutes to half an hour – the entrance is free.


5) Topkapi Palace: The palace of Sultan from the 15th to the 19th century – is located right behind the Sultanahmet ie. Hagia Sophia – in appearance, the park in which it is located, the city where it is located and the view from there is very reminiscent of Kalemegdan (Serbia) – be sure to stop by in the treasury where it is the second largest diamond in the world and have a coffee on the terrace cafe overlooking the Bosphorus – the time needed for all is at least 3 hours, the crowds are huge, so come early. Entrance is paid 20 lira;

6) Egyptian Bazaar on Misirli Bazaar: The so-called “The market of spices and sweets” – a place where you will not easily get out. The forum this market detail photo documented. Totally colorful and exotic, you feel like in some of the shows of the series “The world in the palm the time required for a tour of the minima an hour, depending on the emotions of the sweets and spices. With the image to see a large selection of Turkish delight, halva, candy, their small cakes and sweets, spices, teas, exotic fruits.

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