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Why Do You Need to Visit Nice – France!

France Travel Guide

Visit Beautiful Nice

Nice is a world famous tourist destination, here you can see a lot of variety sights, cultural features, or simply enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean environment. Nice is considered the capital region, which includes the Côte d’Azur, is better known as Riviera. Nice is placed between Kan and Monaco. Nice have more than 400,000 inhabitants. Due to geographical position, Nice is considered one of the hottest places on the Cote d’Azur. It is considered to be the best months to visit Nice actually May and half September to mid October.

Sights and cultural characteristics of Nice

If you visit Nice for business or just be sure to see some of the sights that made this city famous. Mediterranean environment and climate in themselves give this city one free and comfortable feeling, but about our culture more be sure to visit the Old Russian church St. Nicholas, the famous Cathedral of St. Reparate, Massena Museum , Museum of Marc Chagall , Matisse Museum , Monument to Albert I of Belgium and walk around the main square – Messi . Not far from the town is the hill Colline du Chateau with a beautiful view of the town, and a special experience you climb on it in the evening when the lights give a special splendor.

Do not miss the old town especially interesting to tourists because back into the history of its appearance.

Spend Wonderful Days in Nice

Leisure and entertainment in Nice

The main promenade in Nice is located by the sea which is ideal for day and evening romantic walks. The climate is very good of all year around, even in winter you can have a coffee on the open terraces, and you will enjoy on the view of the blue sea and the coast. Numerous restaurants offer French, and Italian specialties that you can try and enjoy their specific tastes. After the tour you can made your shopping in the main commercial zone around the square Massena, or the Avenue Jean Medicine where you can buy various souvenirs that will always remind you of this beautiful French city. Relax, and take a walk along the beautifully landscaped parks, and in the end have fun in numerous nightclubs and bars.

As for the beach, say that they are gravel type, it suits someone, someone not, about 15 of them considered to be private and if you want to swim in one of them then collect a sizable sum of money. You’re always remain public beaches which are also beautiful, and enjoy them on to a little less charged.

As for public transport, we can say that is well organized. It deals with the company Ligne d’Azur that offers a developed network of trams and buses. A single ticket costs 1 euro, living is 4 euros while the week is 15 euros. All in all not such a high sum if you want without worrying and thinking where you leave your car, visit Nice and see all that it offers.

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