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Your Perfect Match: A Denim Guide for Your Body

Your Perfect Match: A Denim Guide for Your Body


It is no secret that a beautiful woman has no specific size or shape. However, with all the different styles of jeans, finding the perfect one for your shape can seem like an unsolvable mystery. Here are a few tips and tricks to get the denim that not only fits comfortably, but makes you look and feel amazing.

Before going through what jeans fits what body type best, it is important to understand what kind of body shape you have. Those who have a pear shape have a wider waist and hips but smaller shoulders and bust. An apple shape body is one with a large bust and undefined waist. An hourglass figure has evenly proportioned bust and hips, with a smaller waist. Athletic body shapes are more muscular, often having larger legs. Of course there are also specific jeans styles for tall or shorter women, and some for the less known inverted triangle body types, where the shoulders are broader than the waist, as well as a favorite jeans for those who are simply slender head to toe.

Now that you understand which body type you have, we can go through the different jeans styles that fit each body type best. If you have a pear shape, hour glass, or full bottom in general, it is best to stick with one color jeans, either dark or light. Faded jeans have a tendency to make the thighs look larger since that is the area that is usually discolored. If you love destroyed jeans, a little tear here and there should look fine, as long as it is not too high up, concentrating on your thighs and bum. Another important tip for pear shaped beauties is to wear flared jeans. Look for permanent creases in your jeans that create a vertical line down your leg, taking the focus off your thighs and hips. Pair these with a high heel or wedge to make your legs look longer.

For those with an apple shape, boot cut jeans are your best friends. They make the thighs stream line, and if you can find a jeans with higher pockets, you can balance out the size of your upper and lower body, as well as give your bottom a perky look. This jeans style also works great for those with an hour glass figure. If your body type is hour glass, you have a bit more flexibility. Skinny jeans are a great way to show off your curves, but finding a pair that fit your waist as well as your thighs might be a challenge. For those with an hour glass shape, details on a jeans are important. A lighter wash on the thighs will show off the curves part of your legs, and look for a darker wash on the outside of the leg to streamline you. Golden stitching and pointed details on pockets will show off your curvy bottom.

The athletic girls also have a few options depending on what parts of their body they are looking to take attention away from or enhance. If you have larger legs and wish to take some attention away from this area, boot leg jeans and/or slightly flared jeans work well. Skinny jeans also fit athletic body types well since their upper and lower body is generally proportionate. Do not be afraid to use accessories to soften up your upper body if you have broad shoulders, as they can also help create curves elsewhere.

If you are a taller woman with long legs, the color of your jeans can have a large impact on how it looks. Darker jeans add length, while lighter color lessens length. Skinny jeans are likely to fit long legs comfortably, and you should look for jeans with distressed features and permanent creases. These will take your eye to different points of the leg, breaking up the length. If you want to show your elongated legs, go with a jeans that flares at the knee. If you do not want to elongate your leg, pair your jeans with a flat shoe.

Petite woman are obviously going to be looking for the opposite of tall women in style of jeans. The best jeans for petite women is a high-rise skinny jeans, with a dark wash that will streamline the leg. A high waistline will make the legs look longer than they are, and you can add a few inches with some heels. It is also important to note for petite girls, that belts can contrast too strongly with the denim and may create a cut-off point at your waist, when you want the eye to follow as long a line as possible.

If you have an inverted triangle shape, your shoulders and upper body are broader than your lower body. The best jeans for an inverted triangle body shape are flares. If flare jeans are not for you, try a boot cut. Pair your jeans with a top that will soften your shoulders. Look for tops with feminine details like ruffles and frills. Top your outfit with a necklace to help take the eye away from your shoulders.

Finally, if you are a slender woman from head to toe, you can wear a boot cut jeans or a slight flare, as well as skinny jeans comfortably. A slightly distressed wash with lighter tones will help enhance your shape. Jeans that are faded at the knees and down the leg are great because they create a 3D effect to give you extra curves. You can easily play with bright colors, avoid black or dark jeans because they can make your legs look even slimmer. Flap pockets or embellishment will add volume, and a contrasting belt will show off slim hips.

No matter your size or shape, the best way to look and feel your best is to be comfortable with what you’re wearing and yourself. Use these tips and tricks to enhance and enrich the body you have and enjoy every minute of it.


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