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5 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe at Kitchen

How to Keep Child Safe at Kitchen

Baby Safety Tips:

Children’s curiosity may force them to follow you to the kitchen, which is the magical place of good smells and colorful foods.

5 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe at Kitchen!

If your child followed you to the kitchen, you should follow these tips:

  1. If your child is still a baby then avoid holding him during cooking, or even putting him in baby trolley near to the oven. Make sure to keep him safe somewhere in the kitchen.
  2. Whatever the age of your child, don’t leave plastic bags in near to his hands to prevent the hazard of suffocation.
  3. If you keep the cleaning kit in the kitchen then keep it in a closed cabinet.
  4. You can close the door of the kitchen if possible.
  5. Avoid using matches, or cleaning tools in front of his eyes at the age of two or three years old, because he will follow your steps.


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