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The 10 Best Countries To Comfortably Live in With the Best Quality of Life

10 Top Countries To Comfortably Live in With the Best Quality of Life

There is much to consider when finding a country you want to spend your whole life in, like how they treat foreigners, the challenges of daily life, health care needs, education system, and mainly the most important, business and employment.


This and much more is needed to be researched before you can even think about settling down somewhere. The world’s population is close to 8 billion now. But the standard of life of these people differs considerably. The vast majority of people live in developing or undeveloped countries where being concerned about when your next meal will be, is common, while the lucky few live in developed and leading nations.


Although developing countries have seen a recent upraise in average income, the advancements in the quality of life are slow. The gap between the quality of life of people within each of these countries is astonishing, while there are high-class people who live luxurious lives, the majority live in extreme poverty. These countries are ranked in consideration of various factors, like access to education, health care, clean environment, and financial prosperity:


1. Canada – The Land of Immigrants

Canada, the second-largest country in the world, and the highest-ranked country in many aspects, such as education, health, economy, etc. It has been a land of immigrants ever since the first European colonization of the 16th Century. As of last year, there were a record number of immigrants, just above 8 Million. Which is around 21% of the entire population of Canada.


Due to the political stability and labor market, Canada has always ranked significantly higher than other countries in quality of life. With a 2.6% population of citizens aged 85 and older, Canada encompasses a huge amount of retirement homes like Sienna Living for the older residents.


2. Switzerland – Luxury and High-Quality Livelihood

The Swiss are known for their fancy chocolates, watches, and clocks. It has the highest GDPs (Gross Domestic Products) per capita in the world along with excellent protection and welfare.


It is also home to two of the most expensive cities in the world, but the salaries reflect that way of living. The average annual salary for foreigners is $180,000. On top of the high annual income, the clean roads, environment, and excellent education are unparalleled.

3. Finland – Happiest Country In the World

Selected as the happiest country in the world, Finland is one of the most geographically remote countries. Along with its people’s morale, Finland is known for its great health care and education, with its students being among the best in the world.


It was also ranked in the top 5 most prosperous countries, making it the best place to reside in Europe.

4. Singapore – The Land of Opportunity

Singapore, known to many as the land for opportunities, has ranked first, 4 years in a row for foreigners and expatriates, often called expats, to live and work in. It even ranks first for job employment and wage growth. It is a solid choice for permanent residence with its high-quality education and ease of relocation. But if all that doesn’t do it for you, its professional culinary experts and breath-taking views and scenery should be the icing on the top.

5. The United Arab Emirates – The City of Gold

The exceptional quality of life and services provided to the people are incomparable to other nations. It has been voted numerous times to be the best place for young expats to live, work and settle in. Only about 11% of the population of the United Arab Emirates are Emarati nationals. This influx of expats has influenced employment opportunities and wage increases.

6. United States of America – Where Dreams Come True

Referred to as the land of the Free, the United States Of America is home to companies that have a higher market value than the economies of several countries. The United States is one of, if not the most, dominant power politically, financially, and economically worldwide. Along with a global cultural influence and containing the world’s top research institutions and universities.


The US ranks incredibly high in financial wealth, the average annual salary lies a bit above %51,000

7. Australia – The Land Below Sea

The land where only 6% of the continent lies above 2,000 Feet, Australia has some of the greenest lands and open natural environments around the world. The majority of foreigners who have taken residence in Australia report better health and well-being. It was also one of the few countries that held its own against the CoronaVirus, with a total of fewer than 1,000 deaths.


8. Germany – The Fatherland

With a highly developed economy, rich culture, and natural beauty, Germany has become one of the best quality of life countries in the world. Reportedly, Germany has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for expats and new residents.


Germany belongs to a skilled and prosperous workforce and ranks high as one of the largest economies in the world. Even considered by many, as having the world’s greatest science. In 2014, Germany even abolished undergraduate tuition fees at universities for both domestic and international people. 

9. New Zealand – Friendly Atmosphere

Ranked third on the list of countries with the highest comfort, New Zealand, offers a better quality of life with a free laid-back lifestyle and fewer work hours. Known by many as the “Adventure capital of the world” with various activities that promote a better life and mental well-being. Almost at the top of the ranks for great work-life balance and high levels of welfare, combined with the extreme friendliness and accepting nature of the locals, It’s a place you’d never want to leave.

10. Japan – The Land of Technology

The highly literate and the most technologically advanced country, Japan, is one of the largest and highest quality producers of automobiles, vehicles, and various electronics. Having the third-largest economy in the world, Japan is considered the most developed nation in the world with its unmatched advancements in technology and widespread culture.

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