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Exploring Philippines – The Unspoiled Paradise on Earth

Waterfalls in Philippines


Have you been to the Philippines? It’s a perfect Paradise for me! I have been in this beautiful country for just two weeks and a day, but for me it was such a fantastic tour I’ve ever had! Want to know more about this 7,107 islands? Join me here as I discover  those perfect beaches, beautiful landscapes, hospitality of the locals with their culture, and the money matters in getting involved in this truly amazing experience.

Exploring Philippines – The Unspoiled Paradise on Earth
Exploring Philippines – The Unspoiled Paradise on Earth


My Days in the Philippines!

1st Day: I had no problem when I entered the Philippines without a visa for a stay not exceeding thirty (30) days under E.O. 408 provided that I’m a holder of a passport valid at least six (6) months.

Based on my experience, Filipinos are really different from other Asian people. They are kind and friendly. They always seem happy and smiling and love to sing and dance in every special moment. Filipino Hotels were showing the traits of Filipino’s hospitality. I really enjoyed a well-situated budget accommodation.

3rd – 7th Days: I packed my bag and went to another world. It is the escapism in all its forms. What  mean is the queen of all the beaches.  It’s hopping, skipping and jumping across the sand. Yeah, it’s the White Beach in Boracay which is constantly rated as one of the best beaches in the world. The colorful umbrellas, the sound of the popping soda cans, and even the gentle breeze of this white sandy beach and just having this all for myself. All I saw was the magic of the shore it brings to people all day long. Yes, I strolled along the shore with my jeans rolled up and toes sinking into cool, powdery sand. And during night time, I’ve watched those winter-gray skies that give comfort to me.

Exploring Philippines – The Unspoiled Paradise on Earth
Exploring Philippines – The Unspoiled Paradise on Earth

8th – 13th Days: After the whole week of relaxing in an island, I went to my next destination. It’s Bohol,  the place where I saw those cute Tarsiers and magnificent Chocolate Hills. Since no Philippine airline flights from Caticlan to Bohol, I took the flight from Caticlan to Cebu, then Cebu-Bohol Ocean Jest fast craft. Then heading to Carmen to tour the famous picturesque hills – The Chocolate Hills –with more than 1,268 grass-covered slopes that are so small yet nearly symmetrical shape and height. They are composed with limestone, which was subsequently covered with topsoil and grass, then turned  brown during dry season, making them look like dollops of chocolates. I felt so good when I saw the smallest monkey in the world,it’s Tarsier. Its height is only between 90-160mm and weighs between 70-165g. Only Bohol is the place that is doing the most to promote awareness of the Tarsier and attempting to ensure its survival.

14th -15th Days: Oh! It’s already my second week here in this paradise-like country. I’m heading back now to the capital city of the Philippines –Manila. I’ve been greatly astonished  by the unique and incomparable items that the souvenir shops offered to me as look upon those eccentric ornaments. I’m pretty excited to give all of these to my family and friends as they are waiting for my return.  It’s time to go back home! This is the best tour I’ve ever had!

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