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Famous Writers of Pakistan

Famous Writers of Pakistan


1: Umera Ahmed (1976- )

She is hardly thirty six and already has established herself as one of the top fiction Urdu novelist and screenplay-writer. Umera Ahmed is based in Sialkot and has a master’s degree in English Literature. Young and prolific, with a flow in her style, she has been bold in her writings on family oriented issues. She has won all literary awards of Pakistan at such a tender age. Her works include Aaj or Kal (today and tomorrow) Darbar- Dil (Court of Heart), Doraha (threshold), Peer-e- Kamil,(belief of conviction in Sufi) and a television serial “Meri Zaat Zer-e benishan” (an unknown particle is my existence). Umera Ahmed is pragmatic and pure in approach to her stories, webbed around social, domestic and spiritual issues. Her other works are Man-o- Salwa (paradise food), Amar Bail (everlasting vine), Thora sa Asmaan (a piece of sky).

2: Ashfak Ahmed (1925-2004)

Masters in Urdu literature gave him the platform to start his monthly magazine Dastaango (storyteller). Later he joined Radio Pakistan as a scriptwriter. He was a versatile distinguished playwright, writer, broadcaster, intellectual and spiritualist of Pakistan. His writing was expressive in fiction and non-fiction, philosophy, psychology and socialism. He became a household name with his very popular radio program Talkeen Shah (the preacher). There after he never looked back. His famous books are Aik hi Boli (one language), Aik Mohabbat so Afsanay (one love and 100 stories) Band ghali (dead alley). His famous short story which gave him international fame is Gaddaria (the Shepard).

3: Wasif Ali Wasif (1929-1993)

He was a teacher, writer, poet and a Sufi. He had a unique literary style. His main subject revolved around love, life, fear, hope, expectations, promises, prayer, happiness and sorrow. He was a well-read columnist with his regular articles in daily newspaper, Naw-e-Waqt. He is the only Sufi writer who has his famous wisdom filled verses and sayings written on walls in different parts of cities. He is the most quoted Urdu writer. His famous works include Dil Darya Sumandar (Heart, Sea and Ocean) and Dareechay.

4: Ibn-e-Insha (1927-1978)

His actual name was Sher Mohammed Khan. His pen name was Insha. Today, the world knows by his pen name. He was a poet, humorist, columnist and travelogue writer. He tremendously influenced young writers with his progressive style and thought. His famous ghazal Insha ji utho (Let’s go, Insha Ji) took him to another level. His works of poetry include Is basti Kay Koochey mein, Chandnagar (moon town). Famous travelogue are Awara Gard Ki Diary (diary of a vagabond), Dunya Gol Hai (the world is round). Humor writing works are Aap say Kaisa parda (no covering my face from you), Urdu Ki Akhri Kitab (last book of Urdu).

5: Anwar Maqsood (1935- )

His is a household name as a play writer, poet, actor and painter. He has kept the people of his country amused and aware with his pun and satire. He has always been at his best when writing against the military dictators. He is very bold and vocal in his writings. His punch lines have carried his fame beyond the borders. His television play Aangan tera (slanted house) mesmerized the viewers. Talaash (search) was also very captivating. His famous shows reflecting his writing powers are Studio Dhai (studio 2:30), Studio Poneyteen (studio 2:45). His loose talk show is 50/50. He is critical of the suppression of freedom of speech and thought. He is a rebel with a lighter tone.

6: Bano Qudsia (1928- )

 She is the wife of Ashfak Ahmed but she carved a name for herself as a writer, intellectual, play writer, spiritualist, philosopher and fiction Urdu novelist and short story writer. Raja Gidh (prince vulture), a short story, lifted her name among the best writers of Pakistan. She has been writing for television and stage, both in Urdu and Punjabi. She is a trend setter in Urdu plays. Because of her popularity, she was invited across border (India) to write for their television and dramas. Her writings include Aadhi Baat (half talk) which is considered to be a classic in literature and play-writing.

7: Faiz Ahmad Faiz (1911-1984)

He is considered one the most influential and popular poets of Pakistan all over the world. Born in Sialkot and brought up in Lahore, he completed his M.A in English Literature from Government College Lahore and an M.A in Arabic from Punjab University. An intellectual and a revolutionary poet, he was considered four times for the Nobel Prize in poetry and was awarded Soviet Union’s Lenin Peace Prize in 1962 and posthumously, Nishan-e-Imtiaz by Pakistan Government in 1990.  His poems and literary works also included elements of Sufism. His major and famous works include Zindan-Nama, Dast-e-Tah-e-Sung and Mere Dil Mere Musafir. Much of his poetry has been translated into other languages as well. He died at the age of 73 and was buried in Lahore.




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