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How to Choose The Right Makeup!

How to choose the right makeup?


If you are looking for choosing the right makeup for you then know that there is a suitable makeup for you whether you are brunette or blonde, dark or light skinned or whatever your face shape, but you should choose wisely to have a strong makeup that gives you a better look. The following tips will help you get the right makeup.

Choosing the suitable makeup colors

You should know that there are two kinds of colors:

  • Warm colors: Yellow, red, orange… for golden skin.
  • Cool colors: blue, lilac, purple… for pinky skin.

You should also choose the makeup based on the color of your hair and eyes so do not make a mix between cool and warm colors. The same thing goes for clothes’ colors and makeup.

Match the makeup with eyes color:

To choose a suitable makeup that matches your eyes color, follow these steps:

  • Hazel eyes: all makeups are suitable for this type.
  • Blue eyes: you should choose warm colors and avoid using blue.
  • Green eyes: choose cool colors like blue or lilac.
  • Black eyes: you can make your makeup with dark gray or brown and avoid the light colors.

Getting a dark skin tone with makeup:

Many women prefer to have a dark skin tone in summer by sun bathes, but if you are afraid of these sun bathes or wanting to have a dark skin tone for one event then use makeup to get that skin tone.

Tips to get a dark skin tone using makeup:

To get a dark skin tone it is recommended to avoid things like:

-Don’t use darkening products with very dark tones and do not go far away from your skin tome because you will not look natural. To get best results, use foundation cream with two tones away from your skin tone and do not go far away from that.

First, put a small layer over your face from the cream and increase gradually. If your skin dry then use a product that looks like gel. For oily skin, use the darkening powder.

-To treat sun burning, use a product rich with cactus and use over the damaged skin then with cocoa butter to soften the skin.

-Don’t clean your teeth directly after putting the darkening powder over the face because the toothpaste and water can affect the powder and spoil it, but wait for some time.

-Don’t get exposure to the sun or sleep under its rays to safe your skin.

-Treat the dark areas over your eyes before starting darkening your skin.

-Clean your face clearly before starting and get rid of dirts with a cleaning mask.

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